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“Brrrr” Keeping Healthy Through The Chilly ‘Ber’ Months

“Brrrr” Keeping Healthy Through The Chilly ‘Ber’ Months

'Ber Month Philippine Weather

The Filipino tropical weather is well loved, but also equally despised. Its toasty breeze doesn’t drop from its 30 degree Celsius rage throughout the year. However, it does reach as low as 15 to 16 degrees Celsius around what we call the ‘Ber’ months. The ber months pertain to the last few months of the year, leading to the Christmas season up to New Year’s Eve.

Now, a moderate 15 degree temperature finally feels nice and cool, but this drastic change may not be something your body is acclimated to handle after being under constant 30 degree heat. So, to avoid having the need to run out for medicine for cough and cold this chilly season, here are a few tips on keeping yourself healthy through the brrr months:


that's right, wash your hands!

One way of keeping yourself safe from a day’s load of germs is by sanitizing your hands. Hygiene is one of the musts that you need to make a habit of, as your hands are almost always in contact with germ filled objects like restroom door knobs, hand rails and even money!

It’s difficult to avoid these, brrr month or not, so proper hygiene and sanitation is always necessary. Whether it be with rubbing alcohol or simply washing your hands with antibacterial handwash or soap, you can be certain that germs and viruses won’t be anywhere near you in this season’s breeze.


Food Supplement

The best way to avoid illnesses and diseases is to fight them off before they get they chance to come near you – or better yet, let’s not give them that chance at all. There are a lot of medicines that treat diseases, but what you should invest on are medicines that prevent, not treat.

Take Vitamins and other herbal supplements for example – they come in different colors, sizes and servings, yet cater to your specific needs. For the brrr’s chills, opt for plenty of Vitamin C, this helps boost your immune system and helps your body become a stronger fort that’s potentially unreachable by cough and cold.


drink lot's of water.. like this cat!

Staying hydrated during a somewhat chilly season may sound like it’s a thing you need to do to better a summer burn, but for your body to function well enough to be able to defend itself, good hydration is the way to go.

Without enough fluids to aid your body with its different functions, your immune system will fail altogether. But, keep in mind that you should skip artificial and sugar-loaded drinks like sodas. Aside from water, drinks enhanced with vitamins, minerals and those which replenish electrolyte loss are recommendable.

Balanced Diet

Exercise Will Power - Oscar Ramos

The same with hydration, your diet takes a toll on your body’s performance, and of course its ability to protect you. A bad diet creates an imbalance with your nutrition, causing your immune system to weaken, sometimes even crash.

By maintaining a well balanced diet throughout a chilly season, you’ll surely avoid unwanted illnesses without the need of medications. The habit of having a balanced diet and lifestyle is a natural way of creating a strong and healthy body – the kind you need to brave Philippine-winter.


bundle up

A well rested body is the last touch to a healthy body that can survive the ever changing temperatures of our brrr months. Getting zzz’s is the best way to get a full pump of energy and a chock full of recharged cells – which are signs of a healthy body.

Sleep deprivation, just like bad diets, can deplete your overall bodily functions, not only your immune system, but also your physical and intellectual productivity. This is not only a disadvantage to your daily tasks, but also you’re increasing your risk of depleting your body’s normal vital functions.

The brrr months often cause a lot of sick leaves from work and absent days for students, the last thing you’d want is to not be able to enjoy that cool breeze right? So get off those junk food and take care of your body. Don’t let a few degrees down from 30 affect how awesome you are even in the cold!

If in any case your body wasn’t ready to take on the brrr-eeze, you can always visit a The Generics Pharmacy pharmacy near you for your medicine for cough and / or cold.

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