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5 Reasons Why You Need To Exercise Even If You Have Asthma

Medicine for cough and cold - 5 Reasons To Exercise Even If You Have Asthma

We get it: the usual attacks you have aren’t to be taken lightly. Your airway tightens and you can’t breathe, plus you cough uncontrollably. But that’s not where your suffering ends. Every time you get colds, your asthma worsens. Just when you thought your inhaler was bad enough, it meets a friend: your medicine for cough and cold. We can only imagine what you’re going through.

Colds aren’t the only fuel to your asthma attacks, neither are smoking, allergies, and dust. You learned that exercise is, too. Now you’re hesitant to jog, swim, and play.  Don’t keep yourself locked in your room, because you’re wrong. Anyone with asthma can exercise, too. Here are five reasons that may convince you:

Hello better air!

Medicine For Cough and Cold - Hello Better Air!

Now there’s a sparkle in your eyes. This is exactly what you’re hoping for, right? As exercise pushes the body to exert effort, the lungs are forced to keep up with the strain. The more you work, the more your muscles need the oxygen. This means your lungs are exercised as well. When you continue exercising regularly, your aerobic fitness is improved. Because this happens, every time you work, your lungs need less oxygen to power your body. Soon enough, your asthma attacks won’t come as frequently as you inhale.

Later, inhaler!

Medicine for cough and cold - Later Inhaler!

Since exercising can help you breathe better, you’re going to rely on your inhaler less than often. No more buying a lot and bringing it everywhere. You can also have several trips to the buffet table without slowing down! You know exercise as a trigger to your attacks but after a bit of time adjusting to it, you won’t have to worry about it as a trigger anymore. Do you know what that means? Fewer monsters to worry about! So just keep exercising and soon you’ll be forgetting about that inhaler.

Hello better body!

Medicine for cough and cold - Hello better body!

With exercise, you can go from carrying a chair to a box of books in a matter of weeks. It starts with noticing that your muscles have grown, before you realize that you can take any load of work without getting easily fatigued. If they say you can’t be Superman with that asthma, well prove them wrong—because you can! Aside from enjoying an increased muscular strength and endurance, you can also enjoy an improved energy plus resistance to any common illness. Colds won’t be breaking that shield as easily as before.

Hello better mind!

Medicine for cough and cold - Hello better mind!

It isn’t irrational for an asthmatic like you to fear the triggers of your attack, but you mustn’t let the fear control you. That’s where exercise helps. As it improves your body’s ability, you are able to feel better about the things you do. It only follows then that you also feel better about yourself. Your mood is improved, which results to your bright smiles. And just in case you’re still hesitant, this effect doesn’t take a while to manifest. An instant walk or jog can clear the head, while at the same time releasing endorphins or the well-known happiness booster and natural painkiller. See that, it’s holistic healing.

Hello fun!

Medicine for cough and cold - Hello fun!

Not considering possibly triggering your attacks, exercise can be fun. It takes you outdoors so you can enjoy varying sights every day, and even take your friends with you. With a number of activities you can choose from, you are sure to enhance your overall health while improving your friendships. You can also try other activities where you will be able to meet new people. No more staying home alone!

Exercise doesn’t only have to benefit non-asthmatics, the same as you don’t have to fear it. It is here to help you more than it wants to hurt you; you only have to choose the right activities that are sure to be for your benefit. Try waking or biking before you go for swimming. Go for aerobic exercises before trying gymnastics or soccer. Work your way up, see what works best for you. And before you know it, you have not only improved your overall health, you may also be free from asthma.

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