How To Treat Your Cough And Cold While Pregnant


The struggle is real when you get sick while pregnant. You constantly worry about the safety of your unborn child, because now, whatever you do affects your baby. Unlike before, you cannot just take medicine for cough and cold to treat a virus because your baby can be harmed by certain medicines. What are you going to do?

It can be worrisome, indeed. During pregnancy, your immune system changes and lowers slightly to prevent your body from rejecting the unborn baby. Thus, you are more vulnerable to infections including coughs, colds, and flu. This means you have to make double effort to protect yourself and your baby.

We got your back, friend! Here are answers to some of your questions with regard to treating your cough and cold while pregnant.


How do I prevent cough and cold while pregnant?

Boost your immune system by eating a healthy diet. Yes, that good old formula never fails. Eat plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables especially those which contain antioxidant vitamins, such as Vitamin C. Also, there are specially formulated vitamin and mineral supplements for pregnant women, so be sure to ask your doctors for prescription.

Nutrition Pregnancy

Rest is another thing you should get more often. Your body is stronger when you get proper rest. Stressing yourself about a lot of things will do you no good. Instead of worrying about them all at once, take one problem at a time. Or better yet, keep calm and chillax – let the man of the house handle the problems (wink!).


How can I treat coughs and colds in a safe way?

A salt water throat gargle and a saline nose spray are both safe ways to treat your cough and cold. So are vapor rubs and cough lozenges. If you have a cold with a stuffy nose which constantly bothers you, try steam inhalation. With a towel over your head, lean over a bowl of hot water with two or three drops of eucalyptus oil added and inhale to help clear the congestion.

Remember before you get pregnant and you caught a cold? Getting proper rest and drinking lots of fluids were recommended to you. Both safely work against cough and cold especially now that you are expecting your baby. Aside from water, you can also have a soothing drink of honey and lemon to ease your sore throat caused by the common cold.

You should always take note of what you eat. Give your body the right amounts of vitamins,  minerals, carbohydrates, protein, and fat it needs by having a well-balanced diet.


When should I consult my doctor?

If you want to take medicine for your cough and cold, it is best to consult your doctor first. Don’t risk your baby by buying cough and cold remedies over-the-counter without first asking your doctors about the safety of the medicines. Products which are not tested for pregnancy safety can hamper your baby’s health and development.

However, if the cough and cold are persistent despite getting proper medication, call your doctors immediately as you might have a secondary infection.

When it comes to pregnancy, you need to be extra careful of the things you do, eat and drink. Your womb has the power to give life to another beautiful baby so don’t neglect your body – and your baby, of course.