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Candy Ain’t Healthy: Halloween Treats For Kids With Type 2 Diabetes

It’s the Halloween season again. Time for scary little ghouls and ghosts to lurk around the neighborhood – with their goodie bags in hand, ringing doorbells for some sweet treats. But, have you ever experienced saying no to a diabetic child? Now don’t let your neighbors with Type 2 diabetes go on trick or treating without any fun.

The horrifying and fun dress-up-holiday can be moderately sweet and safe for our diabetic kiddos without the panic of running to and from the pharmacy to pick up their medicine for diabetes. With the following sugar-free Halloween Treats, you will be able to let the kids that ring your doorbell enjoy a healthy Halloween season!

So what do you say? Let’s give those sugar-loaded treats a scare and make healthy yet blissful desserts for our kids to share!


What better way to start enjoying Halloween than being free to play with these deliciously healthy and, of course clean, gummy worms!

Homemade Gummy Worms

Naughty little toddlers would have a kick out of this slimy and icky critters! But would you believe that this awesome sludge-y treat doesn’t have any sugar at all?  Yup, you read it right. With healthier sugar substitutes all ages can still have an option to moderately satisfy their sweet tooth!

The only catch is, you may be reminded of your garden plots while slurping these ooey-gooey gummy worms down.

Can you handle the dirt? Check this recipe out.


Low Sugar Pumpkin Mallows

Did you know you could make your favorite marshmallows into spooky halloween favors that aren’t sugary and downright junk? Get a load of fun in preparing, giving away and even chomping down on these soft, pillow-like nummies. These diabetic friendly snacks wouldn’t give your trick or treaters cavities, nor upset their little tummies – let alone their insulin machines.

With this Halloween treat recipe, all you need are gelatin, water, a bit of pumpkin puree and spices, a mixer, your choice of low-sugar sweetener and fun halloween theme shaped cookie cutters for shaping your diabetic-friendly halloween mallows. Simple as that!

Jell-O Jigglers

If in any case you don’t have a mixer, spare yourself of the tiresome beating. Opt for a simpler treat with the same idea, without the extra process of mixing. Jelly-jeeper-jellos will be as much yummy, fun and a bit spooky if you want.



Sugar Free Halloween Merengue

You would not believe the levels of sugar this recipe doesn’t call for! Come on, for a delicious meringue recipe to be sugar-free?

Check. It. Out. Now!

You know you want to.

Jeepers fingers!

Witch's Fingers Cookies

As much as facebook pokes are still cute every now and then, you wouldn’t want to get them this halloween season – let alone from these phalange-monstrosities! Get it? because, they’re phalanges?

This season, we can finally avenge hansel and gretel from the bad deeds of the evil witch! What do you say we make creepy witch finger cookies and give them to hungry trick or treaters? What a sweet buttery ending, without all the unnecessary sugar-overload too!

Spot these icky fingers here.

We’re sure the kids will be munching these down in excitement before they can even say their thank you – boo!’s


Cupcakes seem to still be on the trend train with red velvets, sinful chocolates and fruity-concoctions mixing up the tracks. You may be the best baker in the neighborhood but how will your cupcake treats be safe for your Type 2 diabetic trick or treaters?

Do not deprive a kid of a happy vanilla cupcake-filled halloween! With the end of October nearing, we’re sure this recipe could help you and the little trick or treating monsters with this little dilemma.

Gluten Free Mummy Cup

Now isn’t that a mummy-riffic cuppycake? You could even let your kiddos help out with preparing and decorating these yummy cuppies.

Diabetes doesn’t have to deprive you of your favorite dish, it limits you to a serving and a half. It’s all about knowing your limitations and learning to control your cravings. When it comes to a well balanced and healthy lifestyle, taking out tasty goodness is no fun at all – it would be the dreadfully scary part of Halloween.

A lot of diabetic friendly options from healthy playground snacks to yummy meals are available to us. Once you master innovatively healthy recipes, you’ll find yourself going around different low-cal and sugar-free recipes and loving your lifestyle wholly – we just have to be well-informed and willing enough to experiment!

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