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5 Philippine Fruits You Should Eat To Boost Your Vitamin C

5 Philippine Fruits You Should Eat To Boost Your Vitamin C

In a country frequently visited by typhoons, it’s no surprise that there is always demand for quality medicine for cough and cold. But why spend so much money on the cure when you can easily boost your body’s immune system with the best tropical fruits that the Philippines has to offer? Are you constantly bothered by the common sniffles and coughing? Here’s our list of vitamin C rich fruits that you need to include in your diet ASAP.



Considered to be a great source of Vitamin A, and vitamin B6, the versatile banana makes it to our list because, well, you can practically find it anywhere. And in different varieties too! Whether you like eating your banana raw or cooked, with sugar or just plain boiled, you can enjoy the long list of benefits that it has to offer. Daily consumption doesn’t just protect you from the common cold, but it can also help prevent cardiovascular disease. It’s also great for diabetics too as it can help keep blood sugar levels at bay!



Another great source of vitamin C is the delectable mango. Said to be one of the best tasting fruits ever, the mango can be served and enjoyed in a wide variety of ways. Whether you like it raw and tangy, or ripe and sweet, eating a mango (or two) every day can help you develop super immunity powers. You simply can’t go wrong with a fruit that doesn’t just tickle the taste buds, it can also give you a boost of antioxidants.



Next, let’s go to the pineapple. This vibrant fruit doesn’t just make for a refreshing fruit drink, it’s also a staple in many local dishes. Filipinos love the salty-sweet combination so don’t act surprised when you notice there are pineapple chunks in your meat stew. What’s great about the pineapple is that aside from being rich in vitamin C, it also packs in a lot of dietary fibre. Having trouble losing those extra pounds? Then drinking pineapple juice is a must!



The Lanzones may not be known the world over, but here in the Philippines, it is one of the most loved fruits by the locals. Most abundant during the months of September to November, the silky translucent flesh of the lanzones fruit packs a powerful antioxidants punch. Eating just a couple can give you all the vitamin C and E you’ll need for the day. Warning: Eating this fruit can be habit forming so make sure to buy yourself a kilo or two.



Lastly, let’s not forget the Calamansi, or the small green fruit that is best known as the Philippine’s local version of the lemon. This refreshing and nutritious fruit is loaded with so much vitamin C that many people see it as a cure for the common cold and flu. Drinking just one glass of Calamansi juice can help lower down fever, normalize digestion and even help with the body’s blood circulation. Just be sure to add some honey to the juice to sweeten it up as the fresh fruits can be really sour.

Do you have any favourite fruits that you believe can stave off the common cold? Feel free to share it in the comments section below.

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