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What’s Killing Me? 5 Habits That Shorten Your Life Expectancy

Bad habits cause one’s health to deteriorate, causing a person to develop undesired conditions and illnesses, which lead to pain, discomfort, morbidity, and worst of all – mortality.

Through discipline and knowledge, they can either be curbed or beaten. Unfortunately, some people have no idea that these habits are actually no good. So, before the need for anything more drastic than medicine for cough and cold, here are five habits that eat away your lifespan.


Because of nicotine and other harmful chemicals cigarettes contain, smoking causes a lot of illnesses. The most well-known ones are respiratory problems such as lung cancer and emphysema, as well as cardiovascular problems like hypertension and coronary heart disease. It also affects the bones, the eyes, and the immune system. Many people are aware of these facts, but they have difficulty quitting because cigarettes are habit-forming. Still, it’s doable, so it’s better to at least try. For those who want to break the habit but can’t seem to do so, seek help from professionals.

Eating junk food

Eating Junk Food

They may taste good, but as what the name suggests, they are no good. Continued intake of these food products in high amounts may lead to hypertension, stroke, and diabetes because of their high-sodium, high-cholesterol, and high-sugar content. Coupled with a sedentary lifestyle and lack of exercise, the risks can skyrocket to dangerous levels. Instead of chips and donuts, why not go for vegetables and fish? You’ll live longer.

Not having enough sleep

Whenever you sleep, your body repairs damaged tissues and conserves energy, while your brain processes information you have received during the time you were awake. When you lose a few hours of it, the processes involved during sleep work shorter and less effectively. And when this lack of sleep becomes chronic, the risk for cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, certain kinds of cancer, cognitive and memory problems, and weight gain becomes higher. There’s nothing wrong with missing a few hours during certain nights, but you need to get at least seven to nine hours on a regular basis if you want to have a few more years.


If we’re not sitting at school listening to the teacher, then we’re at work sitting in front of the PC, doing mundane tasks. And when we get home, we’re still sitting, either facing the TV or Facebook. This is not good, as those who sit for prolonged hours gain a 50% increased risk of death from various health-related causes, as well as a 125% increased risk of cardiovascular diseases. Break the long hours by stretching for certain periods of time, preferably every twenty to thirty minutes.

Excess drinking

There’s nothing wrong with having a few glasses of beer during the weekends, but having a little bit too much can not only cause drunkenness, but also a few health problems. Aside from the possible accidents you may encounter while intoxicated, excess alcohol can damage your liver and give you cardiovascular problems.

They say old habits die hard. But if they’re bad ones, it’s better to kill them off than have them kill you softly and slowly but surely. Free yourself of these bondages and you’ll live a long and free life.

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