Practice These 5 Lifestyle Habits That Will Make You Impervious To Diabetes

Exercise Will Power. Illustration by Oscar Ramos
Exercise Will Power. Illustration by Oscar Ramos

Your lifestyle reflects your health. That is the number one rule in taking care of ourselves that we always tend to overlook. Don’t wait for illness to strike to start being healthy when you should be tough against diseases in the first place. It’s always easier to avoid getting sick than struggling to relieve yourself of diseases, especially those difficult to cure like Diabetes. A healthy lifestyle to avoid diabetes is always the best medicine for diabetes.

The Greenhouse effect

Healthy living is no easy task, but that doesn’t meant it would be unachievable. Thing is, it’s not just an overnight decision, it is a long-term commitment you will be making for your health. Surround yourself in your chosen lifestyle by having the whole family, eat healthy as well! After all, a family that eats healthy together stays healthy together!


Exercise Will Power - Oscar Ramos
Exercise Will Power. Illustration by Oscar Ramos

In choosing to live healthy, you are making a decision for your health’s sake. And the way to be impervious to unwanted illnesses, which is akin to medicine for diabetes, would be to avoid the stuff that’s bad for you. But nowadays, sugar is practically everywhere! So you’ll need to have a keen eye for those nasty little critters. Always check the label for excess amounts of sugar.


Exercise Will Power. Illustration by Oscar Ramos
Exercise Will Power. Illustration by Oscar Ramos

We all know this chant from one of Adam Sandler’s famous movies, Anger Management. Goosfraba is a word used to calm down tension and originally sung to soothe children’s crying. Mantra’s and emotional exercises are examples of ways to ease and relieve your stress. These are usually exercised in yoga classes, which you can try by enrolling in gym/yoga studios near your area. Gentle exercises in flexibility and breathing patterns relieve stress and tensions. Why don’t you try some yoga! After a few sessions, you will surely welcome the healthier and sexier you!


We’re halfway there, don’t worry. Our list is pretty short in all honesty. Eat right, check! Exercise, check! What’s next is probably the most important part, if anything else is concerned. Hydrating is one of the most important duties we owe our bodies, because in an entire day we lose water through our perspiration, when we pee, etc. We need to replace the same amount to replenish our body of how much water it loses. Our bodies contain water of about 60% our body weight, that’s a lot to replace!

Healthy is the new – Classy!

Taking care of yourself can be such a task but it’s actually not that bad at all. But a change of lifestyle is no joke – because for a habit to stick you’ll need strict maintenance. Just keep on trying new things and experiment on the different flavors your new options offer you. The farmer’s market has a lot of fruit and veggies you can choose from, so I trust you won’t have a problem with that. Plus with these tips, I’m sure you’ll start that classy habit in no time!

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