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Sugar Coma: 6 Easy Ways To Free Yourself From Sugary Clutches Once And For All

Anything we consume in excessive amounts is always harmful. This is especially true when it comes to sugar. While a little doesn’t hurt anybody, a lot can cause terrible health problems both in the short and the long term, especially diabetes.

If you don’t want to take any routine medicine for diabetes in the near future, follow these steps that will blunt your sweet tooth and set you on your way to healthy eating and living.

Have a little

Like what was previously mentioned, a little does nobody any harm. A candy bar or a small piece of cookie should be more than enough to satiate the craving, for it is better to give in and have a few amounts than have your willpower be broken altogether and splurge on a lot of sweets later on. Just don’t forget: don’t exceed the 150-calorie limit allotted for sugary food items.

Get busy

If you are having a sudden sweet tooth craving, do something to take your mind off it. Watching TV or reading is not enough – it must be something that will need a lot of your attention, something you won’t be able to do while eating. Activities like physical exercises and fast-paced video games should be able to do the trick. And not only will you be able to curb your wanting, you’ll also do something worthy of your time instead of stuffing your face with sweets.

Have a break

If you want to cool off from the KitKats, try staying away from them for about 48-72 hours. Although this method doesn’t work for everyone and needs a considerably strong willpower, it does pay off, since the craving gets curbed after a few days of having none of what you are craving for. Also, this style can also teach you how to control your sugar-chomping desires and be satisfied with less. Think of it as Shaolin monk training against confectionaries.

resist sugar cravings

Grab a gum

While gum is also sweet, it is nowhere as sweet as pastry, chocolate, or candies. Therefore, a little bit of it won’t do you wrong. In fact, it can actually help you out, as the chewing can help you keep your mind off the craving. Just don’t pop a lot in one go, though.

Sweeten things

It’s undeniable that a lot of healthy food items aren’t sweet. In fact, they’re usually bland, so you probably might not like them if you are too into sugar. Question is, how do you kill two birds in one stone? Simple – make healthy food sweet. If banana isn’t sweet enough for you, try adding scant servings of chocolate syrup and whipped cream. If the flavorless oats aren’t your thing, you can mix chocolate or honey. See? Problem deliciously solved.

Go for fruits

But of course, sweet isn’t always equated to unhealthy and unnatural. In fact, Mother Nature can beat dessert factories at their own game because of one thing – fruits. Strawberry, lychee, mango, cherry – just to name a few organic sweets that can satisfy your cravings. And not only that – they also have a lot of health benefits, and doesn’t make you feel awful or addicted afterwards.
Life is sweet. And through those steps that have taught you how to not let your sweet tooth cravings get the better of you, life will get even sweeter.

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