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What Foods You Should We Eat When We Have The Flu?

What Do Eat When You Have The Flu

Let’s face it. There are days when even your best efforts can’t protect you from the virus attacks. Even after that expensive flu shot and conscious effort to  improve your personal hygiene, you’ll still feel a bit defeated  by the flu. Aside from taking your usual medicine for headache and fever, you need to nourish your body with the right foods. Looking to make a quick recovery? Here’s a list of foods that you need to eat to combat the blues.


Appetites tend to be low when you have the flu. But that shouldn’t be your excuse to miss out on the nourishing benefits of eating fruit. Apples and oranges are great sources of vitamin C, while bananas can give you a boost of energy from potassium. If you’re not in the mood to chew, juice your fruits instead. Drinking fruit juice will help you stay cool and hydrated in toughest of fevers.


If you’ve gotten to that point where you have appetite at all, then it’s time to reach out for a box of your favourite crackers. Eating crackers throughout the day will help you keep the stomach acid at bay, which will then ease that discomforting empty stomach feeling.

flu foodSoups

Soup still remains to be the food of choice for those who have the sniffles. Why? Because eating a bowl of hot soup can give instant relief to that stuffy nose and aching tummy. Opt for clear broths like chicken or vegetable to enjoy a filling and at the same time healing meal.

Ginger Ale

For those who need something stronger to soothe an upset stomach, we recommend a cool glass of ginger ale. Look for natural ginger soda with low sugar content to ease that irritated digestive tract. If ginger ale is not readily available, you can make do with a glass of flat soda.


Protein plays an important role in repairing your body’s body tissues so if you can tolerate it, make sure that you eat an egg or two. Having scrambled eggs in the morning while you’re on your sick leave will help put you on the road to recovery a bit faster.


Yogurt is what we like to call ‘double duty food’. Aside from the fact that it is packed with probiotics, it’s also an excellent source for lean protein. Yogurt can help rebuild body systems that have broken down in the course of the flu. Mix a bit of protein powder into some yogurt and consume it as a meal replacement. Trust us, you’ll be up on your feet in no time.


Filipinos can’t live without their rice so there’s really no better way to nurse a fever than by having a bowl of good old fashioned arroz caldo. Having a bowl of this Filipino staple won’t just help the body recover precious electrolytes, but it will also ease the post-flu body into eating solid foods again.

Have any favourite foods that you can’t live without when you’re feeling under the weather? Let us know in the comments section below.

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