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5 Ways To Cheat Stress and Remain Healthy… Even When Work Is Toxic!

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Everyone  – a student, an employee, a businessperson, or a stay-home parent – encounters stress. It is an unfortunate fact of life that stress can cause negative effects on a person’s health. However, people shouldn’t just cave in to for the lame excuse that “everyone goes through it”. Yes, it’s possible to stay healthy under such a state and not need pills upon pills of medicine for fever when sickness finally finds your weakened body.

Here are a few steps to keep that awful S-word at bay.

Get some shut eye

When you’re stressed, you need rest, and sleep is the best form of it. Sleep is the time when your body repairs issues from the wear and tear they have received during the time you were awake. Also, it conserves a good amount of energy. With spared energy and a recuperated body, it’s easier to feel better instead of tired. Aside from that, sleep relaxes the mind, allowing you to process information better and faster. This is important because stress isn’t just a physical state, but also a state of mind.

subtract Balanced diet

Heavy workloads and tons of responsibilities, especially when coupled with time constraints, can undoubtedly cause stress. Aside from that, it also causes people to forego the need for a balanced diet, which in turn causes more stress. In order to stop this cycle, it is important to keep in mind to eat food from the different food groups. In doing so, you’d get to have enough amounts of the complete vitamins, nutrients, and minerals necessary to keep your mind and body healthy.


For those who are leading fast-paced lives and have no choice but to rely on fastfood instead of healthier home-cooked food, taking supplements is a good way to get the required amount of vitamins, nutrients, and minerals. Although it cannot entirely replace the ones we get from healthy food, it does help in getting what you might lack.


don't fill your head with worries

With sedentary lifestyle choices such as sitting in front of computer, laptop, and smartphone screens for hours, coupled with a diet of high-fat processed food items, it’s easy to have excess amounts of fats and calories. These fats and calories not only add weight but also impede important body functions – causing more stress. To burn them, there is the need for exercise. Aside from that, exercise also triggers the release of endorphins, hormones that give off a feel-good effect when secreted. Through simple and regular exercises such as walking, jogging, jumping jacks, squats, and crunches, one can achieve soundness of the body and mind, making the fight against stress a lot easier.

Talking to Family and Friends

Like what was mentioned previously, stress is also a state of mind. And when a person thinks about the things that stress him out, that person gets more mentally stressed out. A good way to find release is by talking to family and friends. Not only can they help you out in releasing negative emotions and make you feel less stressed, they can also give you tips on what to do, as well as make you smile and laugh.

Whenever you’re stressed, these steps can help you maintain your health, helping you in your struggle against that dreaded physical and mental imbalance. Stay physically and mentally strong, stress is just a word.

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