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Medicine For Headache

At one point or another in our lives, we’ve probably encountered headaches and fever. These are one of the most common ailments around. In this article, we’ll talk about both headache and fever and their remedies.


A headache is a constant throbbing in one’s temple. According to the American Academy of Neurology, there are 4 kinds of headaches:

1) Vascular – These are caused by swollen blood vessels in the head. A migraine is the most common kind of vascular headache.

2) Tension – This kind of headache is caused by pain in the face or neck muscles.

3) Traction – More often than not, these are caused by too much strain in the eyes.

4) Inflammatory – Inflammatory headaches are indications of another sickness altogether.


Depending on the classification, there are different medicines for headache. The following are:

1) Tension – Since these are only muscle pains, you can take over-the-counter solutions like ibuprofen. Sleep/rest is also a must, in order for you to recuperate properly and not think too much (this could just worsen the ailment).

2) Vascular/Migraine – Medicine for migraine such as tramadol is available in most pharmacies. Take note that these should be prescribed by your doctor.

ADVISORY: For traction and inflammatory headaches, it is best for you to go to your doctor for consultation and proper prescription of the medicine taken to alleviate the pain. Remember, inflammatory headaches are only symptoms to other sicknesses.

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