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8 Signs You’re Overworked

Medicine For Headache and Fever - 8 Signs You're Overworked

You think that excruciating headache is just random? Think again. Yeah, medicine for headache and fever might help, but you need to address deeper issues. Whether you notice it or not, your body is already warning you that you’re overworked. You need to pause and change your pace, or else you’ll break down.

You know what’s bothering you? Stress. But you are not alone. Regardless of the kind of work you do, statistics show that almost everybody battles stress at least 14 times a day. Every so often, you will feel dissatisfied with your work, your boss, your compensation, or a hundred different other things. That’s life. The pressure will frustrate you – no doubt about it. But you musn’t tolerate it. Your body can’t handle too much pressure – it will break down. So, how do you know if your body is overworked?

Here are some signs you need to check:

#1 You constantly forget things, like where you put your car keys or cellphone.

The stress hormone cortisol has a drastic effect on your memories. Excess cortisol causes you to lose the ability to form and store new memories not related to the present situation.

This is why if you are focusing intensely on a project, you tend to forget other things your brain subconsciously deems irrelevant like your car keys and cellular phone

#2 Even with your expensive roster of facial washes, you still get pimples.

Aside from cortisol, stress often leads to neuropeptides and other chemicals in the skin that causes inflammation. In some cases, the inflammation leads to pimples or rosacea. In others, it tightens facial skin, resulting to hyper sensitivity.  Unless you start getting some rest n’ relaxation, your skin may even become slightly sored. So don’t forget to de-stress after work.

#3 You constantly wake up wondering when will you stop working and enjoy life instead…

I Need Help!

Because you just don’t care about anything anymore. If you are experiencing that morning dilemma, you are overworking. You don’t feel enthusiastic anymore. You are no longer motivated. You think your work sucks. Well, it’s time to step on the brake and slow down for a moment. Otherwise, it will be harder to drag yourself to work and you will be frustrated every single day.

#4 You’re constantly late – even for a date!

Yes, all of us have a natural tendency to lose track of time. But if you are constantly running late more than you usually do, that’s probably a sign you need to pause and get a hold on your life (and your time, of course) again.

#5 Your work performance is a downhill slope.

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Yes, you got the diploma from the best university in the country. Yes, you exceed the minimum requirements. Yes, you arrive on time and focus on what you do.

But somewhere along the line, you just can’t do it properly anymore. No matter what you do, you only feel like ruining your job.

It’s time to take a break. Go and get a spa massage. Play golf. Walk along the beach. Do anything that you think will release you from the performance slump you are in right now.

#6 You constantly become irritable.

But you were really nice before. What happened? Now, you’re like a zombie. You are so brain drained into finishing your management reports that you lost your ability to be nice to other people.  This is something you should be concerned about, because the moment you start being a jerk, everybody’s going to start treat you like a jerk.

#7 You constantly get tired – even after waking up from sleep.

Oh no, that’s exhaustion! It can be emotional, mental or physical. It’s the sense of not having any energy, of being completely spent. Refill that energy tank! Unplug yourself from the hustles and bustle of your work and spend some alone time.

#8 You constantly get sick.

Let’s face it. You never missed a capsule of your vitamins, and yet here’s the cold – with its friends cough and fever. What went wrong?

You’re overworked. Your body is exhausted, but you keep on pushing it way past the limits. This is not a good habit, friend. Go and see a doctor immediately. Afterwards, make some time for your leisure and relaxation. Remember, your body is not immortal!

Don’t dare to ignore these signs if you find yourself in these situations. Of course, the consequences include health-issues including high blood pressure, headaches and sleeplessness. Not only that, stress from overworking can affect your relationships with your family and friends. Face it, and change your pace. Remember, it’s not worth the keep. Being overworked is not worth your health.

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