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5 Tips to Strengthen Your Immune System and Escape the Flu

You beware: the sniffles isn’t the worst flu can offer. It’s actually flu itself that’s the worst about it. Want to know why? There are a number of reasons: chills, runny nose, fever, core throat, and severe headache. The flu causes a number of symptoms that flat out hate you. Just when you’re already uncomfortable, you still have to be tired all the time. Yes, that’s the flu. And for that you not only need remedies for colds, you also have to scout for medicines for headache and fever—or something simpler…

Prevention. And these are your ways how:

Glow, Grow, and Go

Not that you need to weigh what you eat, silly. You just really need to watch it—not watch as in TV watch, or time watch for that matter, it means making sure that what you eat is always healthy and that you have enough of every nutrient your body needs. Remember your glow, grow, and go? Your body needs them in certain quantities everyday to ensure its optimum performance. That means being able to fight off diseases better than ever.

Keep up with your Zs

Medcine for headache and fever - ZZzzzs

Eight to ten hours is still the recommended amount of sleep for humans, you know? It gets more difficult to come by that amount as time goes by, with school and work, but you can try sneaking in naps between your tasks just to complete the eight to ten hours. It’s for your own good; your body relaxes and recuperates in sleep, so you can expect your defenses to be back up the moment you wake up.


It’s a simple precaution, but you’ll be surprised at what it can do. Your hands are your body’s little rascals that touch just any and every surface in the big world there is, and you never know what microorganisms they’re picking up from those encounters. You may be in for a crazy sniffle ride when you begin to trust that your hands are as clean as the word gets. Before you go poking your hand in your food or your mouth, please wash with soap and water. It makes the food yummier without the germs sliding over your tongue—plus, come on, who doesn’t enjoy a little rub-a-dub-dub?

What’s up, doc?

What’s up, doc?

Not scaring you here. It’s just a precaution, okay, so hold your horses. A regular visit to your doctor keeps you in track of your health. It doesn’t have to be as regular as every day, just when you begin to feel something new. Whatever change your body is experiencing—be it a spike in your temperature or a boil sprouting on your back—your doctor can interpret for you as early at its onset. This superhero can even spoil any mischievous plan your body’s trying to hatch to get you weakened and miserable—yeah, your body may be against you! But your doctor isn’t. So the next time you feel something brewing in you, or even when you learn a new joke, go to the doc. If he doesn’t laugh, at least he tells you you’re sick.

Take it easy

Whether you eat—yes, eat—drink, or smoke, moderate is enough. Don’t always go reaching for the gold in doing these things; it’s not a contest—unless it is. But even so, please no. It’s for your own good. Even stressing out and exercising are best when taken in moderation, especially for your heart. And you know what they say about a good heart: it keeps you alive.

The flu is an infectious disease that you can get literally from anywhere. That means you can never tell when or how it will strike. It can be bird droppings or a contaminated surface—but then again, it’s airborne; surfaces and droppings are the least of your worries. Furthermore, it leads to complications that might very well send you to the hospital, or worse, to the grave.

Better be safe than sorry, right? So follow these tips and you’re off to sure fortune. After all, health is wealth.

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