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Fever / Muscle Pain

Fever / Muscle Pain

Fever, or pyrexia as it is medically known, is a condition where one’s body temperature rises due to the immune system’s shift to combating a bacterial or viral infection in the body. Fever can be identified with these certain symptoms, which include:

Change in body temperature – One’s body temperature goes haywire during a fever. To others, you may be hot to the touch, but internally you will feel cold and chilly. It is best to stay warm with a blanket or extra layers of clothing during this condition.
Exhaustion – A feeling of tiredness is also present during pyrexia. This means that one should slow down or completely refrain from any and all physical activity, as the body is concentrated on eliminating the foreign invaders.
Loss of appetite – One may have a metallic taste or feel a bit of acidity coursing in the mouth. This symptom is totally normal during a fever, that’s why it is best to opt for a soft diet (warm soup or porridge) during this time.
Muscle pain – This is also connected to pyrexia and fatigue. Joints and ligaments in the legs, feet, hands, arms, and back are stiff or sore. It is best to keep in mind that this is just another reminder to have no physical activity and have bed rest until one is fully recovered.
Headache – The headache that is most often associated with fever is the tension headache. It’s the feeling of pressure closing in from your temples, or from behind your eyes. It can also feel like a strain from your neck muscles travelling all the way to your head. When the headache is severe, you can drink medicine for fever, such as paracetamol or ibuprofen, to lessen the pain.

For dealing with the symptoms of fever and its symptoms such as muscle pain, we have medicine for headache and fever in tablet and liquid form. The latter either comes in syrup for home use or ampules (for injections) when necessary in hospitals or therapy centers. We have brands like Mefanamic Acid, Paracetamol, and Tramadol to name a few.

If one is having coughs and colds during their fever, they can also look for medicine for cough and cold.

Etoricoxib Film-coated Tablet 90mgper tabP47.00
Etoricoxib Film-coated Tablet 120mgper tabP54.00
Mefenamic Acid cap 250 mg MEGALINper capP1.25
Mefenamic Acid cap 500 mg MEGALINper capP1.75
Mefenamic Acid susp. 50 mg/5 ml MEGALIN60 ml Bot.P23.00
Mefenamic Acid tab 500 mg (FLAMIC)per tabP2.00
Para + Propyphenazone + Caffeineper tabP4.85
Para+Trama T325/37.5mg (GORACET)per tabP20.00
Paracetamol + Ibuprofen cap(ENERLAX)per capP2.50
Paracetamol + Tramadol tab 325/37.5mg (DOLCETAL)per tabP20.00
Paracetamol drops 100 mg/ml (FEVERGAN)15 mL Bot.P24.00
Paracetamol syrup 125 mg/5 mL (FEVERGAN)60 mL Bot.P24.00
Paracetamol syrup 250 mg/5 mL (FEVERGAN)60 mL Bot.P28.00
Paracetamol tab 500 mg (FEVERGAN)per tabP0.60
Sumatriptan tab 50mg not availableper tabP121.00
Tramadol Amp 50mg/mL 2mLper ampuleP38.00
Tramadol cap 50 mg (RELIDOL)per capP3.00
Bundle Pack Lakbay Essentials Kit TGP
Bundle Pack Lakbay Essentials Kit (TGP)-1
Ascorbic Acid Tablet Vitamin
Ascorbic Acid Tab 1g (TGP)-100
Ascorbic Acid + Zinc White Yellow box
Ascorbic+Zinc Capsule 500mg/10mg(TGP)-100
Isopropyl AlcoMoist 500 ML
Isopropyl Alcohol Moist 70% 500ml(TGP)-1
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