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Meet Ben

My name is Sarah. I am a mother of 2 kids: Samie, a 2yr old and a Ben, a newborn. Follow our family’s adventures as we get sick, get well, and learn life’s lessons along the way.

This is the story of Ben’s birth. I was exactly 38 weeks pregnant. Started feeling some contractions one Monday morning around 10am. It felt like menstrual cramps that come and go. About an hour later I spotted some blood. Could this be the day? Samie, my first, was born exactly on my 38th week too. I asked my husband if he could stay with me that day just in case. We did some last minute errands like buying maternity pads and spent the day bonding with Samie. It was going to be her last day as an only child after all. We went to the hospital around 3pm just to check if I really was in labor as my contractions weren’t going away. Samie loved every minute of it! She was playing doctor and asked the nurses what all the equipment was for. I was 3cm dilated. The doctors didn’t let me leave anymore and advised us to check-in.

Around 7pm and again at 8:45pm, my OB Doc Sapaula did an internal exam (IE)  on me. I was just 3-4cm. She was expecting my labour to last till about 6am the next day, but God had other plans. Soon, my contractions started to get so painful so we asked if I can get the epidural anaesthesia, but the nurses said this is not possible until I have dilated 5-6cm because the labor will not progress as fast. A few minutes later, I was already in so much pain that I considered getting a Caesarian (CS), just to get it over with. Harry, my husband, described my pain positions as “parang exorcist”. I couldn’t imagine going through several more hours of that pain to wait till I dilated enough to get anaesthesia. It was only 9:15pm. We both prayed.

Harry asked God to give me strength and patience to endure the pain. I immediately corrected his prayer to NO MORE PAIN PLEASSEEEE!!! God answered our prayer but not in the ways we thought of. He gave my husband WISDOM. After praying, Harry suggested that we ask Doc Sapaula to do another internal exam to see if I progressed enough (5-6cm) for an epidural. I agreed, but in my head I was thinking that’s impossible because she just checked 30mins ago and I know it takes hours to go from 3-4cm to 5-6cm. I thought that the reason for the pain was because I was not breathing properly as taught in lamaze class or that I was too tense.

I started to have the urge to push and got worried because I was pushing to cope with the pain and maybe the baby was not yet ready to come out. The nurses urged me to just control the pain with breathing in and out but I couldn’t help myself so I still grunted and pushed and squeezed Harry’s arms. I was standing and felt something pushing down already.

Doc came soon after and when she checked, she was surprised to discover that I was already at 10cm and ready for labor. What a relief! I really could not imagine going through 6 more hours of THAT pain. This was only 45 mins after my previous exam! All the other doctors and nurses were so surprised and rushed to get things ready. I was pushing and grunting and digging into Harry’s hands with my fingernails, unfortunately. He was a trooper and did not complain until after my labor. He was holding both my hands and that actually helped a lot. They gave me Saddleblock anaesthesia to help with the pain for stitching the episiotomy. They pinned me down as they injected it in my lower spine. My lower body and legs immediately became numb and I felt so much better.

Ben was still inside so I still needed to push. It felt weird now because I didn’t feel a thing but needed to push. They would tell my when to push and another doctor pressed down on my tummy as I did. Breathe in and push hard for 10 seconds, they told me. Two more rounds of pushing and my baby was out! It was only 10pm.

My family came minutes after. Actually while the doctors were still working on me, my family and harry’s family were already taking pictures with Ben. Samie was there too and kept asking the nurses “Whats that? Whats that?” She was very curious and wanted to see everything even the stitching. Harry was hesitant because she might get scared of all the blood (he definitely was), but she kept on asking so he let her peek and she said “Oh my!”. Everyone in the room laughed at her reaction.

Praise God for a very painful but very fast delivery! Here are some lessons I learned:

1. I should have prayed much earlier! Don’t wait till you are beyond your breaking point to ask God for help.

2. It’s good to focus on something when you are experiencing pain. In my case, every time I feel the contractions coming I would breathe in deeply and recite Philippians 4:13 over and over again in my head till the contractions fade. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.

I think you can apply this not just to get through physical pain, but also to other pains life throws your way. Though I must admit, at the peak of my pain, my thoughts shifted to I don’t want to go through this again! Two is enough! 

3. Shouldn’t have let Samie visit me at the hospital everyday. It was harder for both of us. She would cry when it was time to leave and I would get stressed because she would jump on the bed and lean on my tummy which was still very sore.

4. Bring medicine to the hospital to lower down the cost. Whenever they gave me medicine, I asked to see the label and told the nurses that I would bring in my own supply for the next doses. Medicine I bought from TGP: Cefuroxime tab 500mg. This is an antibiotic to prevent infection. Lactulose syrup. This helped regulate and soften stools so that it will not hurt the stitches. Mefenamic Acid Cap 500mg to ease the pain from the episiotomy.

Bundle Pack Lakbay Essentials Kit (TGP)-1
Ascorbic Acid Tab 1g (TGP)-100
Ascorbic+Zinc Capsule 500mg/10mg(TGP)-100
Isopropyl Alcohol Moist 70% 500ml(TGP)-1
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