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Big Screen Diabetics: Movies that Features Diabetic Characters

Moviemakers love incorporating illnesses in their films, and diabetes is among their favorite choices. In fact, a lot of their fictional characters deal with it. There are even times when the entire plot revolve around the disease itself, and there we get to see the main protagonists suffer its symptoms, take medicines for diabetes in an attempt to keep it at bay, and ultimately succumb to it (although not all the time). And although you may not like it, you have to admit that diabetes as a plot device does add to a flick’s appeal. So just in case you want to watch these films, then start with these:

Panic Room (2002)

panic room wallpaper

Before she became a global phenomenon as that poker-faced chick who’d rather die than live without her vampire boyfriend in Twilight, Kristen Stuart once starred alongside Jodie Foster in the thriller Panic Room. There, she portrayed Sarah Altman, the diabetic daughter of  Meg Altman, and we’ll see her struggle with the disease even as a group of thieves had mother and daughter trapped inside their home’s panic room.

The Godfather III (1990)

michael corleone

In the third installment of this very iconic mafia movie, the diabetic character is none other than Don Michael Corleone himself! The Godfather III showcases an older and weaker Don Corleone who, aside from having to deal with business troubles, has to suffer a diabetic stroke at some point in the movie.

Steel Magnolias (1989)

steel magnolias

Steel Magnolias is one of the most tear-jerker and best classic drama films of all time. Who can forget the funny and inaccurate interpretation of diabetics as portrayed by Julia Roberts? From being healthy to gradually becoming severely hypoglycaemic, you’ll be crying yourself silly before the end credits role. That’s a promise!

Derailed (2005)


The main character of this film, Amy (played by Addison Timlin), has acquired Type 1 Diabetes, which becomes the main source of troubles to her parents. Although critics have heavily criticized this film for being over-the-top and super misinformed about diabetes and such, it nevertheless is a nice movie to watch.

The Right Hand Man (1987)

RIGHT HAND MAN, Rupert Everett, 1987

Unfortunately, this film is not an uplifting one – especially if the viewers themselves have diabetes. Rupert Everett’s character, Harry Ironminster , has diabetes, but he remains oblivious to it and does not seek medical help for his condition. Sadly, this film portrays some patients with diabetes who neglect their ailment and would rather not get into it.

Chocolat (2000)


World-renowned actress Judi Dench plays the role of Armande Voizin, who struggles with diabetes but remains very open-minded and outgoing. The movie is relatable to some patients diagnosed with diabetes, although the ending is way too harsh for words to describe.

There aren’t enough films about diabetes that truly expresses the true struggles and emotions felt by it victims and their loved ones. But at least we have these films that shine the light on this deadly, albeit preventable and treatable, disease. Hopefully in the future, more films about diabetes would be made, so let’s keep our fingers crossed and hope they’d be as accurate and inspiring than the ones on the list if not more.

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