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Top 5 Myths About Coughs and Colds

What are the top 5 myths about coughs and colds?

  1. Cold weather can give you a cold
  2. The common cold can quickly turn into a flu
  3. Coughs are always contagious
  4. Warm soup can cure a cough
  5. Keeping distance from sick people keeps you well

Every single concept in this world, whether proven to be fact or fiction, is accompanied by a myth or two. Illness and diseases are not an exemption to this. On the contrary, there are quite a number of myths present in the medical field related to things such as medicine for cough and cold to hair loss and pregnancy. As much as we’d like to enumerate every single one of these myths and correct them before they put people in danger, we only have enough time and space to talk about one.

For this article, we’ll be listing the top myths about coughs and colds and hopefully enlighten people on the truth. You might have heard some of these before but still stick around cause there’s sure to be a few you haven’t!

Cold Weather Can Give You a Cold

Cold Weather Can Give You a Cold

One wild and popular myth says that exposing yourself to cold temperatures or weather (usually by not wearing appropriate clothes for protection), causes you to catch a cold. This myth probably comes from the fact that people are sick more often during the cold and chilly months. True as that may be, however, the reason is not that of the cold weather. It is mostly because of proximity.

When it’s cold out, people tend to spend more time indoors with their friends and family which means it’s easier for the virus to spread around. If one person falls ill, then everyone is at great risk of getting sick as well.

The Common Cold Can Quickly Turn into a Flu

The common cold and the flu are two completely different diseases caused by different viruses, so it’s impossible for a common cold to suddenly turn into the flu. If you somehow develop the flu after a few days of suffering from a common cold, then it’s likely that you caught a flu virus and that the cold was just a symptom. You may have also caught both viruses at separate but successive times. Either way, there is no way for a cold to suddenly develop into the flu.

Coughs Are Always Contagious

A cough can be caused by a number of different things including but not limited to bacterial infection, asthma, allergies, and airway irritation. Out of all these, coughs caused by bacterial infection are the only ones that are contagious. The others are not and are mostly just reactions to changes within the body. That said, however, it’s still best to cover your mouth when you cough to not spread any reduce the spread of germs and protect other people.

Warm Soup Can Cure a Cough

Warm Soup Can Cure a Cough

People love to have a bowl of warm, delicious soup, hoping that it would cure their persistent cough. Sad as it may be to say but a cough cannot be treated that easily. If it could, then we’d be living in a wonderful world.
At best, warm soup or warm liquids in general help decrease irritation and soothe the throat but never get rid of the illness completely.

Keeping Distance from Sick People Keeps You Well

Being in close proximity to sick people isn’t the only way to catch a cough or cold. In fact, you can get sick without touching or ever being near them. Viruses can travel through the air and can live on different surfaces for several hours. The slightest contact with these virus-infected surfaces could then get you sick.

The best way to keep yourself from catching these conditions is to wash your hands regularly and be mindful of the things you touch. Distance, of course, wouldn’t hurt but doesn’t mean you’re safe.

Key Takeaway

There are many more myths in the medical field beyond those about cough and cold and medicine for them. You’re bound to run into a lot of them so we’ll leave you with a little piece of advice: take myths with a grain of salt. If you hear some strange “fact” look it up or confirm with your physician. That way, you don’t risk putting yourself or your loved ones in danger!

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