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Period 101: Tampons vs. Sanitary Napkins

According to a study conducted in Spain, women are more likely to get sick in the middle of their menstrual cycle. (No) thanks to the high levels of estrogen, the immune system’s defenses are lowered during this time. It is advised to keep medicine for cough and cold on hand at all times, just in case!

Speaking of the menstrual cycle, there is this ongoing debate regarding about the efficiency of products that curb the blood flow during a woman’s time of the month, specifically between tampons and sanitary napkins. Some women believe that tampons are the best way to go while there are others who are firm supporters of sanitary pads. If you have seen these choices in the store shelves, then you are aware that there are a lot of options suited for every woman’s needs. However, how will you know which one is right for you?


Pads, or sanitary napkins, are rectangular-shaped absorbent item that you stick inside your underwear. Some have extra material—commonly known as ‘wings’—that fold at the edge of your garment to hold the pad in place and prevent leakage. There are two different types of napkins: disposable and reusable. Disposable pads usually come in many varieties, ranging from ultra-thin to the long overnight napkins, which may be used depending on the woman’s flow. On the other hand, there are some women who prefer reusable napkins. This type of pad is made of cloth and may be washed after every use. They are now gaining popularity because they are more economical and more comfortable for women who are suffering from discomfort and irritations from using a disposable pad.


Tampons also absorb the menstrual flow but they work right inside a woman’s vagina. Like a pad, tampons are made of absorbent material although they are pressed tight into a cylindrical shape. Tampons come in a variety types and sizes, designed to absorb little or a lot of fluid.

Each product has its own set of pros and cons. For example, a pad is more comfortable to wear and is easy to use compared to a tampon. They do not take too much time to put on and won’t require you to touch down, which may result into you getting blood on your fingers. Second, you don’t have to worry about getting Toxic Shock Syndrome, a rare yet fatal disease caused by bacterial infection when you leave a tampon inside for too long. Despite that, tampons allow the wearer more freedom because they allow athletic activities even swimming. Pads have a tendency to show through the pants while tampons do not since they are placed inside the body. Tampons are also easier to dispose because pads need to be wrapped with paper or tissue before disposing whereas you can simply throw a used tampon in the trash bin.

Despite the pros and cons of tampons and sanitary napkins, both are proven to be efficient in absorbing menstrual fluid anyway so choose the product that you are most comfortable with.

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