Calcium Carbonate Tab 500mg (TGP)-100

Calcium Carbonate Tab 500mg (TGP)-100
Used as antacid, and as a calcium supplement in deficiency states and as an adjunct in the management of osteoporosis.
Dosage and Administration:
Take one or two tablets a day or as prescribed by the physician.

Should be given cautiously to patients with impaired renal function, cardiac disease or sacroidosis.
Side Effects:
Calcium carbonate, like other calcium salts, may cause constipation. Faltulence from released carbon dioxide may occur in some patients Hypercalacaemia can occur as an alkalosis following high doses of calcium carbonate; they may reslove on reducing the dose. The milk-alkali syndrome, which includes hypercalaemia and alkalosis together with renal dysfunction, has occasionally occured, usually in patients taking large doses; patients with renal impairment or dehydration and electrolyte imbalance are predisposed. Fluid and electrolyte replacement may be required. High doses or prolonged use may lead to gastric hypersecretion and acid rebound.

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