Paracetamol Drops 100mg/ml 15ml (FEVERGAN)-1

Paracetamol Drops 100mgml 15ml (FEVERGAN)-1

Paracetamol Drops 100mg/ml 15ml (FEVERGAN)-1
It is used for the relief of fever due to influenza, common colds, tonsillitis, measeles, chicken pox, and pneumonia. Useful in variety of painful conditions including headache, dysmenorrhea, myalgias, neuralgias, rheumatism, arthritis and other muscle and joint pains.
Dosage and Administration:
Under 3 months: 10mg/kg/bodyweight 3 months to 1 yr old: 0.6mL to 1.2mL every 4 to 6 hours a day or as prescribed by a physician.

Paracetamol should be given with care to patients with impaired kidney or liver functions. It should also be given with care to patients taking drugs that affect the liver. Repeated administration of paracetamol is contraindicated in patients with anemia or cardiac and pulmonary disease.
Side Effects:

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