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Quarantine Health Tips to Get You Through Isolation

What quarantine health tips can help you get through isolation?

  1. Keep yourself hydrated
  2. Consume a nutritious and healthy diet
  3. Stay active: home workouts and exercises
  4. Boost your immune system with vitamins
  5. Get enough rest and sleep
  6. Maintain a clean environment

With more than 3,000 cases of COVID-19 in the country (at the time of writing), social confinement and quarantine has been implemented and are strictly practiced to contain this rapidly spreading virus. Businesses and establishments are ordering all but their essential employees to stay at home. The government is strictly ordering residents to stay inside their spaces. How are you coping with quarantine? As we progress through the global pandemic, it’s important to continue to look after your well-being to not only help flatten the curve but to keep yourselves strong and healthy, too. Here are some quarantine health tips you can do to keep your body strong and healthy.

Keep yourself hydrated

Don’t overlook the importance of water during these times! Water is the most vital substance for your body and keeping yourself hydrated during quarantine is equally or even more important than ever now. Drinking fluids is crucial in maintaining the function of every system in your body. Your body only has limited physical activity and your metabolism is more likely to be slower throughout this period. Make sure to drink six to eight glasses of water a day to maintain a healthy metabolism, ward off dehydration, remove waste, and balance your electrolytes!

Consume a nutritious and healthy diet

healthy food

Sa mga oras na ito, importante na kumain ng mga masustansyang pagkain upang hindi magkasakit at magkaroon ng mas malakas na immune system. Ngayon na pinahaba ang panahong itatagal ng quarantine, limitahin ang iyong pagbili ng mga hindi masustansyang pagkain. Iwasan muna ang mga pagkain na may malaking halaga ng sodium, mantika, at asukal. Kumain ng mas maraming prutas at gulay at bumili ng mga pagkain na mas mahaba ang shelf life katulad ng patatas, kamote, sibuyas, kalabasa, mansanas, at ang mga citrus fruits. Ito ay makakatulong sa pag maintain ng malusog na katawan, lalo na’t tayo ay limitado sa exercise at physical activity.

Stay active: home workouts and exercises

Living an active lifestyle benefits our overall health greatly. Even for individuals who don’t work out often, our day to day responsibilities gives us the opportunity to walk around and keep our bodies moving. However, for the time being, you may think that this quarantine can put your active lifestyle to a temporary stop. But this is not the case.

Here are some ways you can stay physically active during self-isolation:

  • Take advantage of the internet! There are plenty of home workout videos you can try that don’t require any equipment
  • Maximize your time by doing chores. This won’t only keep your house sanitized, but will also keep your body moving
  • Take regular breaks by stretching
  • Get creative with your family! Indulge in activities like dancing and active games

Boost your immune system with vitamins

bottle of vitamins

Sa panahon na ito, may mga pagkain at sangkap na limitado lang mabibili. Ang mga grocery stores at supermarket ay nagkakaoon ng mahabang linya na nakakakain ng oras natin. Upang mapanantiling malakas ang iyong immune system, ang pinakamahusay na paraan para bigyan ang iyong mga kayawan ng mga vitamins at minerals ay sa paginom ng vitamins at supplements katulad ng Sodium Ascorbate Vitamin C at Ascorbic Acid para sa mga bata.

Get enough rest and sleep

woman sleeping

We know how exciting these times can be. You can watch a movie that you’ve been putting off for so long or binge-watch your favorite tv shows. But you should know that sleep also plays an important role in your physical health. Getting at least 7 hours of sleep per night will positively impact your immune function. Individuals with vulnerable health and fragile immune systems are usually the ones who catch viruses and diseases faster. It’s best to get the right and recommended amount of sleep per day. Proper sleep and rest can improve concentration and productivity as some of you may also be required to work from home.

Maintain a clean environment

Hindi naiiwasan ang pangangailangan na lumabas sa bahay para sa pagbili ng gamot at pagkain. May mga iba din na nagpapa deliver ng kainilang pagkain sa mga oras na ito. Dahil dito, panatilihing linisin ang iyong mga bahay sa oras na ito. Linisin ang mga high-touch surfaces katulad ng doorknobs, countertops, light switches, at ang sahig. At palaging tandaan na hugasan ang iyong mga kamay at gumamit ng isopropyl alcohol with moisturizer para ma disenfect agad ang mga bacteria.

Key Takeaway

Practicing quarantine health tips is the best recommendation for staying strong during these trying times. As enhanced quarantine is extended across the country, it can also take a toll on your health. Staying hydrated, eating a proper diet, exercising, and drinking vitamins will help you tremendously now and even after the quarantine is lifted. Let’s all work together to flatten the curve!

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