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What is Blood Sugar?

We at TGP believe in the power of prevention, which is why we’re always creating ways to ensure that everyone has access to proper healthcare. That includes allowing on-site check-ups, blood pressure checks, and of course, blood sugar checks as well.

Blood sugar, alternatively known as glucose, is a main sugar found within your blood. It is your primary source of energy, derived from the consumption of food.

Normal ranges depend on when you’ve last eaten. If it’s been at least 8 hours since your least meal, then it should be less than 100 mg/dL. If it’s been only 2 hours, then it should hover around 140 mg/dL. However, during the time before meals when it’s usually at its lowest, it can go as low as 70-90 mg/dL, depending on your body type.

Is Blood Sugar Important?

Maintaining your blood sugar levels should be one of your top priorities, seeing as it plays such a large role in our everyday biological functions. Negligence of it – such as leaving at it high levels for an extended amount of time – can lead to diseases such as Diabetes, which in turn can lead to further life-threatening complications such as chronic kidney disease, amputation, retinopathy, heart attacks, strokes, nerve damage, and even erectile dysfunction for men.

What Should I Know About Diabetes?

There are two main types of diabetes:


When a body’s immune system attacks its pancreas’ beta cells, it hampers the release of insulin within the body. This then causes sugar buildup within the blood. This phenomenon is classified as Type 1 diabetes.

Those with this disease usually have it during their childhood or adolescent years, though there are cases of fully-grown adults developing the disease as well. Treatment for this type of diabetes is rather straightforward: insulin. That, and proper meal planning, as well as having a healthy lifestyle, will dramatically reduce its negative effects.


90% of diabetes patients – children and adults alike – suffer from this type. It occurs when the body becomes unable to process insulin well because it has developed immunity to it, or, the body simply isn’t producing enough of it. This too causes sugar buildup within the blood.

Depending on what stage it’s in, this type of diabetes can be managed through a combination of lifestyle and diet changes. Additional medications and insulin can also aid in controlling blood sugar levels more effectively, reducing its threat for complications significantly.

I Have Diabetes. What Should I Do?

If you already have the disease, then the best thing you can do is to just keep your blood sugar levels in check. Regulate it daily by checking every now and then while adjusting your lifestyle to accommodate it.

In addition, don’t be afraid to seek a medical professional who can give you a better idea on how you can improve your condition. They can conduct a blood test called A1C which measures your blood sugar level over the past 3 months, allowing you to see whether or not you have been maintaining it well.

Also remember: as with any disease, it’s a case by case basis, so getting a professional opinion catered to your unique circumstances really is the best option.

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