Signs That You Might Be Vulnerable to the Flu

What are the signs that you might be vulnerable to the flu?

  1. Constant coughing
  2. High fever and fatigue
  3. Demographical factors

Ang Influenza o ang trangkaso is one of the most common diseases that are prevalent in our country. Whenever it is flu season, makikita mo na ang mga medicines for coughs and colds ay instantly nauubos from the shelves of medical suppliers in the Philippines. It is a sickness that can spread fast especially if you don’t notice the symptoms early on. Ang flu ay isang nakakahawang respiratory illness that is caused by flu viruses kaya dapat itong agapan sa unang beses pa lamang na makaramdam ka ng symptoms.

Its symptoms can go away within a week but it is better to be prepared so that it cannot lead to serious illnesses. Hindi man ito nakamamatay, ang flu ay pwedeng maging cause ng panghihina at serious complications when it is not treated properly. Read on below for more information on the indicators that will help you to determine if you are vulnerable to flu.

A Constant Cough

Keep in mind that constantly coughing is a sure sign of the flu. Minsan, nagiging sanhi din ang flu para mamaga ang lalamunan which is why you have to be aware of your condition. Do not ignore this early sign of the flu dahil ito ay maaaring humantong sa mas malalalang sickness.

You can feel this symptom kapag ikaw ay kumakain at umiinom and you have a difficulty in swallowing. Take note of this so it would not lead to more serious complications. It would be best to take your medicine for coughs and colds because this can do its job to protect you from having flu.

High Fever and Fatigue

High Fever and Fatigue

Experiencing high fever, o malalang lagnat  is also a way to determine if you are vulnerable to the flu. Isa itong palatandaan nag ang iyong immune system ay pinoprotektahan ka from infection — that is why it is connected to the illness! Karaniwang nagkakaroon ng 38?C na lagnat ang mga tao na may impeksiyon ng flu.

Kapag naman nakaramdam ka ng biglaan o sobrang pagkapagod, ito rin ay isang sign that you are vulnerable to flu. These are common symptoms together with chills or muscle pain. Remember, hindi lang ang mga may trangkaso ang nakakaroon ng high fever. You should still monitor this particular symptom in order to prevent a possible flu infection.

Demographical Factors

Demographical Factors

Hindi man pumipili ang flu kung sino ang ma-iinfect nito, one of the most common indicators that a person is vulnerable to flu ay ang kanilang edad at ang environment nila. Importanteng malaman mo na demography plays a huge part in identifying who would be vulnerable to this particular illness. Ang mga taong babanggitin dito ay hindi special cases but it is common to see the flu affect them. Read them below:

  1. Adults na edad 65 or older
  2. Children na bababa sa 5 years of age who get sick with seasonal flu
  3. Mga buntis na nakakaranas ng changes sa kanilang immune system, heart, at lungs during pregnancy
  4. Adults na may preexisting conditions like asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and heart disease

Ito lamang ang ilan sa mga taong most vulnerable to the flu, but always remember that it can also be commonly seen in everyone. Ang mga nabanggit ay dapat bantayan nang maigi because they run the risk of contracting more serious complications caused by flu.

Key Takeaway

Here are some of the common indicators that you are at the risk of being infected with the flu. Be mindful of these types of symptoms para maagapan agad ang pagkakaroon ng trangkaso. However, do not worry if you happen to have the flu because medical suppliers in the Philippines have your back!

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