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Simple Ways On How You Can Remedy A Sore Throat

Simple Ways On How You Can Remedy A Sore Throat

Whether caused by a bacterial or viral infection, flu, dry weather, dehydration, or the common cold, contracting sore throat is a hassle for anyone. When it hits, speech is affected due to the pain and irritation in the larynx, pharynx, or tonsils. Consequently, you also suffer from cough.


Though some medicines for cough and cold also heal sore throat, we will also show you a couple more remedies that specifically target, and hopefully alleviate, sore throat.

1. Don’t use your voice

Talking, shouting, even humming your favorite TV show tune is not encouraged. Doing any of these will strain your larynx even more. Resting your voice is the key to getting better. I bet excessive use of it was what got you a sore throat in the first place, so think of it as your throats way of demanding a vacation.

2. Gargle with saltwater

Studies show that gargling with this solution brings down the irritation and gets rid of the bacteria causing sore throat instantly.

3. Gargle with any antiseptic mouthwash

Antiseptic mouthwashes provide quick relief for sore throat. This fun fact is vouched for by doctors and even mother alike.

4. Garlic

In a blog entry, new mommy Brittany relates that sucking on a half a clove of garlic also relieves strep throat. Garlic contains allicin, a chemical that instantly kills strep throat-causing bacteria.

5. Drink fluids. Lots of them.

Since dehydration is one of the causes of a sore throat, keep hydrated. Warm tea (preferably mint), warm water, and warm soup definitely help. Sorry, warm soft drinks don’t work. Sugary substances will end up worsening your sore throat.

6. Keep warm

If your sore throat was brought about by a harsh drop in temperature, such as being thrust in a cold climate from a tropical one, keep warm, particularly your neck. It’s time to bring your scarfs, long-sleeve shirts, neckties, polo shirts, and even turtlenecks out of your closet. If you really have to go out, protect your neck from the harsh weather. Don’t forget to bring a warm drink out there with you, too.

7. Overall rest

Don’t do any strenuous physical activity at all. A sore throat is a sign that you need to take it easy until you’re completely healed from it. Staying at home and catching up on bed rest is one of the best, time-tested remedies that will get rid of a sore throat.

With these 8 remedies, you’ll be back in good shape from strep throat in no time.

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