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Sitting In The Office All Day? The 5 Office Exercises You’ll Ever Need

In a previous article, we learned about all the health hazards of sitting all day in the office. One such being lesser insulin production, meaning you’d have to take medicine for diabetes. Given that in our generation today, work is less physical and more cerebral (read sedentary), it is a lot harder to make time for physical activity…

Or so it seems. While you don’t need a whole hour to go to the gym during work hours, you should at least sneak a couple of stretches here and there. Here are 5 simple exercises you’ll need to keep you fit and healthy.

1. Go for a walk

Instead of checking your social media accounts during your spare time, we’d recommend you do this outside the office, around the block or along the street where your building is. Don’t take an entire hour break just to walk. So it’s not obvious to your officemates/bosses, split it into three 5-10 minute light strolls: 1 during your morning break, 1 during your lunch break, and 1 in the afternoon. That’s 30 minutes of walking per day, multiplied by 5 days, and multiplied by 4 weeks for a total of 15 hours of exercise recorded per month. And that’s just walking, mind you.

2. Stretch your body

Staying in a seated position for long hours can give your body certain aches and pains. Example: If you sleep on your left shoulder for a long time, chances are, you’ll bruise it. Stand up and stretch your back, arms, neck, and legs for about 2 counts of 8 for your arms, legs and your back. Even if it’s a small amount of time, you’ll reduce the risk of injury in your body.

3. Crack your arms and legs

Being in a cramped, seated position can cause your muscles to compress and bones to lock together. Stand up, curl one arm, and then release as if you were punching someone. The desired effect you’re looking for is the sound of a light “pop”, meaning your bone was set back in its place. Do the same with your other arm as well.

Your legs follow a similar pattern for cracking, but you need to find a place where you can lay your back and kick forward. You should hear a “pop” again if done correctly.

Make sure that when you do these exercises in the office, you don’t hit a colleague, or worse, one of your bosses.

4. Stand up without using your hands

All of your strength goes to your abdomen and legs to lift your entire body up into a standing position. Train yourself to do this intuitively, and you’ll be giving yourself a regular exercise.

5. Shake your hands

Typing for long periods definitely hurts the joints of your fingers and hands. Shaking them for around 20 seconds relaxes them before having to type another Word document. 

Know any other simple office exercises you can do? Feel free to share them in the comments section below.

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