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“SMART” Ways to Simplify Your New Year’s Resolutions

Welcome to the second week of the new year – how are you keeping up with your New Year’s resolutions so far? The most common resolutions people declare every year is to lose or gain weight (whichever is appropriate), become more fit, have healthier habits, and save money. The latter can be done by doing the 52-week money challenge and doing little things such as purchasing generic medicine in the Philippines instead of branded ones.

Unfortunately, some people will end up losing focus on the commitments they made to themselves as days go by. Avoid being one of them by making your New Year’s resolution simple and “SMART.”


Be as specific as possible. Keep in mind that a more powerful plan stems from a more specific goal. For instance, do not opt for merely saying you plan on losing some pounds. Be specific and detailed as possible about which exercises and fitness trends to do, and more importantly why are you doing it.

Plus, you may also want to consider the following:

  • How the end results should look like
  • Who can help you achieve this goal
  • Where you plan on accomplishing it
  • What cost will you have to pay in order to reach it


The next step you have to take to achieve a SMART New Year’s resolution is defining how exactly would you plan on measuring your progress. Take note that this step is important because it will aid you in knowing whether your plan is quantifiable. For example, how much pounds do you aim to lose? How often should you be eating which types of healhty foods? Aside from that, it will also inform you how much progress you have done to reach your goal – helping you keep track and to know whether further adjustments need to be made in your routine.


The third step in ensuring that your goal is simple enough is to reflect upon yourself about how attainable it actually is. Be terribly honest with yourself whether you have the time, focus, energy, and drive to accomplish the task within the year. There is no point in setting up a New Year’s resolution if you know you’re not going to be able to take the necessary steps to achieve it in the first place.


You can keep your goals relevant by having it deeply connected to both of your values and priorities. You may also want to consider when your goal would be relevant for you to accomplish within the year. Are you planning on reaching it right away? Or will it be better for you to wait later in 2017?


Making your goals time-based. This basically means you’ll be creating a deadline for you to follow, because it will encourage discipline and urgency on your part. It is also vital to mark the milestones you have to reach along the way because it will make your goal less vague, more understandable, and more achieveable.

Check out your list of New Year’s resolutions again and consider adjusting them. These “SMART” goals will enable you to follow through and achieve more than you normally would. Good luck!


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