3 Supplements Expecting Moms Should Take

What supplements are important to pregnant women?

  1. Prenatal vitamins
  2. DHA and Omega 3
  3. Calcium and Magnesium

During pregnancy, the macronutrients that a woman needs significantly increases. That means they need more carbohydrates, proteins, and fats in their diet. Hindi ka pwede mag diet kapag buntis ka dahil pinipigilan mo sarili mo magkaroon ng tamang balanse sa iyong mga kinakain.

The problem is that since some people take medicine for diabetes or other conditions, they tend to have some food that they avoid. That means they won’t be able to naturally intake some nutrients from their diet.

Dito pumapasok ang mga supplements. With the help of these supplements from various medical suppliers in the Philippines, pregnant women will have the means to get the necessary nutrients that they need for both them and their baby. Here’s a list of the most important supplements that pregnant women should take.

Prenatal Vitamins

Ito ay mga bitamina at micronutrients na ginawa upang matuunan ang dami na kailangan ng katawan habang buntis.

Mahalagang uminom ng prenatal vitamins kapag handa na kayo ng asawa mong gumawa ng pamilya. Kailangan ipagpatuloy ang paginom nito habang ikaw ay nagdadalang tao hanggang sa hindi mo na kailangan i-breast feed ang iyong anak.

Studies show that by taking prenatal vitamins, you reduce the risks of preterm birth and preeclampsia—a dangerous complication characterized by high blood pressure and possibly protein in the urine.

By taking in prenatal vitamins, you basically help prevent nutritional gaps by having a constant stream of essential vitamins and minerals.

Malaki ang naitutulong ng prenatal vitamins sa mga buntis, ngunit hindi ito palaging kinakailangan. Mahalagang tanungin muna ang iyong doctor bago uminom nito.

DHA & Omega 3

DHA & Omega 3

The last eight weeks is the crucial time of your pregnancy. Sa panahong ito, mas mabilis ang paglaki ng iyong anak.

Based on research done for the past 20 years, even a short phase of malnutrition during this period can have a large effect on the baby’s brain development.

According to the same research, one of the best options for you to prevent this, as well as facilitate greater brain development is through high-quality fish oils. DHA supplements also help support better hand-eye coordination, increased levels of motor skills, and even increased IQ levels and attention spans.

Calcium and Magnesium

Calcium and Magnesium

Ang dalawang nutrients na ito ay malimit na magkasama dahil maganda ang naidudulot nila ng sabay. Ang magnesium ay nagpapakalma ng mga muscles mo habang ang calcium ay tumutulong sa pag-contract ng mga muscles.

These two nutrients usually make up a low percentage of prenatal vitamins, so it’s only natural to have a separate supplement for them if you don’t have enough access to these nutrients through your regular diet alone.

Nakakatulong ang dalwang ito sa pagkakaroon ng matino na insulin at blood sugar levels. malaki ang naitutulong ng mga ito sa paniniguro na lalaki ang iyong anak ng malakas at masustansya.

Key Takeaway

Most of the time, your regular diet will never be as effective in providing you with all of the nutrients that you and your baby need during pregnancy. That’s why it’s important to take in at least some supplements so that you won’t have any gaps in the essential nutrients that your body requires during the critical stages of pregnancy!

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