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Sweet Stuff: 4 Well-Known Myths About Sugar

Oh sugar… the one thing that a lot of kids (and adults) cannot help but consume. For diabetics though, extra caution is required: they must take their medicine for diabetes along with checking their glucose intake.

However, some people have become afraid to consume sugar. Have you heard that myth about diabetes being caused by sugar? Is there any word of truth to this? Allow us debunk this myth (and three others) about sugar.

Myth: Sugar Causes Hyperactivity


The Truth: Blame the 1973 Feingold Diet advocated by Dr. Benjamin Feingold. This diet became very popular during its time and it required the removal of any food additives from your children’s daily food intake as it may cause hyperactivity. These include dyes or artificial flavoring but although it did not originally mention sugar, it soon became categorized as a food additive.

It turns out that it’s all in the mind. In a study that was published in the Journal of the American Medical Association conducted by Dr. Wolraich of the University of Iowa, it was discovered that the effects of sugar are all in the brain. If a parent believes the sugar myth, then they will perceive their children as hyperactive. Next time your child is hyper, do not blame the sugar. He or she is just being a kid.

Myth: Sugar Causes Cavities

tooth cavity

The Truth: Okay, so Halloween rolls around and the kids want to go trick or treating. They gather up so many sweet delights but of course, mama or papa has to be the bad guy and tell ’em not to eat too many candies as they will cause cavities. Parents, you need not worry about tooth decay. Allow your kids to eat as much candy as they want but do make sure that they brush their teeth afterwards as what causes the tooth decay are the plaque left behind by the food. This plaque can cause teeny tiny holes that will eventually cause cavities. How to avoid it? Easy! Just brush your teeth before bed and after meals. Don’t forget to floss!

Myth: Artificial Sweeteners Are Better Than Regular Sugar

artificial sweets

The Truth: If you or someone you know is a diabetic, you may have chosen an artificial sweetener over regular sugar to mix in with your coffee or other flavored drink in belief that this is healthier for you. But are they? In a study conducted by the Yale University School of Medicine, it was discovered that eating foods that are artificially sweetened may lead you to chow down on high calorie foods further on in the day. The possibility of this to happen increases if you consume these low calorie foods when you are exhausted or starving. Also note that because these foods are low in calories, you might not be able to meet your body’s daily calorie requirement. Instead of skimping on those calories by using artificial sweeteners, go for the real stuff instead but do limit the amount that you are using.

Myth: Sugar Causes Diabetes

candy diabetes

The Truth: NO WAY. This has got to be the biggest myth in the list. There is a possibility that the vast majority believe that consuming massive amounts of sugar is the sole cause of diabetes. You must realize that this is a fallacy. Diabetes is caused by a number of factors, namely your lifestyle, genetics and even ethnicity. One thing to consider though is a recent study which has found out that consuming sugar sweetened drinks such as soda, teas and flavored fruit drinks as these may increase your risk for Type 2 diabetes. If you would like to avoid diabetes early on, eat a healthy diet, exercise and keep your weight in the normal BMI range.

Now that we have busted these four myths, do not rush to the candy store and empty it out! Still be careful of your sugar intake as too much of this good thing can lead to a tummy ache.

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