TGP 2021 Summit Day 1

TGP, the largest generics drugstore chain in the Philippines and a banner under Robinsons Retail, recently held its annual summit on August 25 and 26, with the first day dedicated to its pharmacists. With the themes “Ang TGPagpagaling ng Pilipinas: Tamang Gabay at Kalinga Para sa Kalusugan ng Bayan” and “Reaffirming TGP’s Commitment to Primary Health Care and Responsible Self Care”, the event was composed of plenary talks on the role of drugstores and pharmacists in serving communities. With an audience composed of over 600 TGP pharmacists, the talks were delivered by industry experts who covered topics ranging from pharmacists being the interface between consumers and informed self-care, to updated information on prevalent medical conditions such as neuropathy and anemia, to the necessary adaptations drugstores must make in a pandemic and post-pandemic reality.

TGP would like to thank its TGP Summit Day 1 speakers, namely, Hon. Anthony Aldrin C. Santiago; Dir. Jesusa Joyce Cirunay, RPh; Ma. Gilda Sebua-Saljay; Prof. Roderick Salenga, RPh; Mark Harvey Adamson, RPh, MS; Mark Ryan Langit, RPh, MS; Leonila M. Ocampo, RPh, MS; and Yolanda R. Robles, RPh, PhD.

In photo: TGP Pharmacists participating in Day 1 of the TGP Summit 2021

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