TGP Awarded as Most Outstanding Filipino Franchise of the Year

Attesting to its unparalleled success in the franchising business, The Generics Pharmacy® recently won the highly coveted Outstanding Filipino Franchise Award during the 11th Franchise Excellence Awards held at the SMX Convention Center, Manila. The award, conferred by the Philippine Franchise Association (PFA), the country’s premiere franchising association, recognized The Generics Pharmacy’s remarkable expansion of branches, which has grown to over 1,200 since it opened up for franchising in 2007. The company also earned accolades for its fast return on investment for its franchisees, as well as for having opened up easier access to safe, high quality and affordable generic medicines for its consumers

Bundle Pack Lakbay Essentials Kit (TGP)-1
Cetirizine Syrup 5mg/5ml 60ml (TGP)-1
Isoniazid Tab 300mg (TGP)-100
Ascorbic Acid Tab 1g (TGP)-100
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