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TGP, Kuya Kim renew partnership



The country’s largest drugstore chain, The Generics Pharmacy (TGP), and the country’s king of trivia and TV personality, Kuya Kim Atienza, recently renewed their partnership to further promote generics medicines awareness in the country.
Kuya Kim said that he is confident endorsing TGP because he has witnessed the growth of generics medicines awareness mainly because of TGP’s persistent campaign efforts.
“I am so amazed with the growth of awareness when it comes to generics. I think TGP is the first company that really went aggressive in making generics part of mainstream. Through the years before I became and ambassador of TGP, generics was only on the sideline, but now when people look for medicines, they consider generics. And this is because TGP gives them good service –  effective, quality medicines at much lower price.” he said.
He first became TGP Ambassador in 2013, the same time he suffered from Guillain –  Barre syndrome, a rare and serious condition in the nervous system.
“We are very excited for this renewal of partnership. Kuya Kim understands that our primary objective is to provide access to affordable and effective medicines to everyone. Through the years, we’ve observed how Filipinos have become practical consumers. We are happy how TGP has helped them by giving them options when it comes to their healthcare.” said TGP Chairman Benjamin Liuson.
With the help of over 1,800 branches nationwide, TGP provides a wide selection of safe, effective and affordable medicines including maintenance medicines for diseases such as diabetes and hypertension. It also offers TGP Paracetamol which is only P1.00 per tablet.

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