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Tips for Franchise Owners: 4 Ways to be a Better Boss

Franchising is a booming business in the country right now. You are probably one of the many entrepreneurs who jumped at the opportunity to buy your very own franchise in the Philippines. If this is your first time running a business, you’ll need all the help you can get to ensure success. Good thing, there are plenty of materials that you can read online to learn more about managing a business.

In spite of this, you have to remember that being a franchise owner is much more than just owning a store. It’s also about being a boss. Of course, you can’t run your shop on your own so you need to hire a few people who will help you with the customers. These employees will have a hand on your store’s success or failure so make sure to train and guide them properly. Here are 4 ways to be a better boss to your subordinates.

Set Attainable Objectives

Having a set of objectives will help give you and your employees direction – a goal that your team has to meet in order to be successful. Once you achieve these objectives, you’ll be more confident to raise the bar and overcome the next challenge. However, what if the goals are unattainable? Some managers create a set of goals that is just not humanly possible to complete. To avoid this, try to assess your team first before setting objectives. Make sure that the workload you will be distributing is manageable so that your team can achieve their goals.


Treat them With Respect

You might be the boss but that doesn’t mean that the success (or failure) of your franchise will rest solely on your shoulders. The employees you hire will also have a hand in how things will turn out. Like you, they are not machines; they are people who have lives and interests outside of work. Always keep this mind so remember to treat them as respectable human beings instead of robots whose sole purpose in life is to work for you. Instead of dictating them, lead and inspire them to do their very best at work. This will help improve their performance more than yelling at them in your whim.


Commend Your Employees

When was the last time you reprimanded one of your employees? Pointing out a subordinate’s error is not bad. It’s necessary, especially if you want her to refrain from repeating the same mistake. Despite this, you have to remember that constant criticism will not help your employees develop. You have to find a balance. This means that when one of them accomplished something, you should commend them. Commending your employees – especially in public – will help boost the workplace morale. Although, when it comes to reprimanding them, do it in private. After all, it’s a little humiliating to be scolded in front of your colleagues.

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Let Your Team Grow

From the time they arrived on your store’s doorstep, up until now, you were always there to guide and train your employees. Along the way, though, you will have to let them learn things on their own. Leading your employees is not about telling them how to do things. No, being a good leader is about empowering your subordinates. Let them make solutions on their own instead of spoon-feeding the answer all the time. This will help develop their skills and – who knows – you might be impressed by their performance.



Owning a franchise is more than just running a business, it’s about being a leader to your employees. Make sure to be an excellent leader who will empower his employees. After all, they will play a huge part in your franchise’s success in the future.


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