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3 Tips for Safe Self-Medication

How do you conduct proper and safe self-medication?

  1. Equip yourself with all the necessary information regarding medicine
  2. Self-medication should be supplemented by a healthy lifestyle
  3. Know when you have to consult your physician

Self-medication is a common practice in most households. It is the reason why families stock their medicine cabinet with medicines that treat common and minor illnesses like headaches, colds, LBM, etc. However, it can be easy to forget that treating illnesses without proper guidance or advice from healthcare professionals can potentially make your situation worse. This stresses the importance of safe self-medication and to help you do just that, here are three tips regarding self-medication that you would do well to remember.

Equip yourself with all the necessary information regarding your medicine

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The single most important thing that you will need for safe and effective self-medication is information. Knowing which specific medicine to take, its proper dosage, and the right way to administer it is crucial in not only treating the illness you are experiencing but also in preventing further harm from befalling you or your loved ones.

Para maka siguro na tama ang iyong pag-inom ng gamot, importante na magbasa. Ang mga karaniwang gamot, lalo na ang mga naka-garapon o bote, na mabibili mo ngayon ay laging may kasamang pampleta o maliit na papel. Dito nakalagay ang mga importanteng impormasyon tulad ng tamang dosis ng gamot batay sa edad ng may sakit. Dito rin nakalagay ang posibleng side-effects kapag ininom ito kasabay ng iba pang mga gamot o di kaya’t pag ikaw ay nag overdose. Huwag kalimutang basahin ang mga ito bago subukang gamutin ang sarili.

Self-medication should be supplemented by a healthy lifestyle

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The main issue with self-medication is that it can’t totally assure you of success or otherwise ensure that you are going to be cured of your illness. What this means is that if you are going to be self-medicating, you should give your body the best chances of becoming healthy. This would mean engaging in moderate exercise, eating a balanced diet, and getting enough rest daily.

Hindi dahil alam mo na ang tamang gamot na iinumin kapag ikaw ay nagkasakit ay pwede ka nang maging pabaya sa iyong araw-araw na pamumuhay. Dapat ang kabaligtaran nito ang iyong pairalin. Kapag ikaw ay magsasarili sa pag inom ng gamot, siguraduhin na ikaw ay malusog at panatilihin ang magandang pamumuhay.

Know when you have to consult your physician

Doctor Reports The Symptoms And Advising The Patient

The last tip that you should know regarding self-medication is that you should know when to see your doctor or general physician. If there is one thing that cannot be stated enough, it is that doctors will always know better than you. Most of the time, even doctors themselves go to other doctors when they get sick because they are aware that their own biases can affect how they will treat themselves. That should speak volumes on how often people should resort to self-medication instead of consulting a doctor.

Kapag ang iyong nararamdaman ay simpleng sakit ng ulo, sipon, o di kaya’t sakit ng katawan, maari pang subukan na gamutin ang sarili gamit ang tamang gamot. Ngunit kapag maraming sintomas na ang iyong nararamdaman at may matinding pananakit sa kung anumang parte ng iyong katawan, tumawag o di kaya’t bumisita na agad sa iyong doktor. Hindi mo malalman kung malubha o hindi ang iyong sakit kapag hindi mo ito ginawa.

Key Takeaway

Whether we like to admit it or not, self-medication is something we frequently do in our daily lives. Healthcare is not cheap, and some people would prefer to save their hard-earned money on other necessities. Other times people do not have the time to go to their doctors due to the necessity of work and providing for their family. These cases are all understandable, which is why you should follow the tips mentioned above and practice safe self-medication.

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