7 Tips To Avoid Overeating During The Holidays

What are some good tips to avoid overeating during the holidays?

  1. Eat A Snack Before A Party
  2. Limit Drinking Alcohol And Soda
  3. Use A Smaller Plate
  4. Eat Slowly
  5. Plan An Activity
  6. Sleep More
  7. Control Stress Levels

Overeating is a common occurrence during the holidays. Dinner tables are full of different dishes and there are parties almost every day. Because of the festivities, people tend to eat more than they can handle which leads to heartburn, indigestion, and weight gain. If you want to prevent these, here are some tips to avoid overeating

Eat A Snack Before A Party

Do not go to a party hungry. This will make it hard to control your portions when a lot of delicious food is available in front of you. If you’re feeling a bit of hunger before leaving home, opt for a healthy snack with protein and fiber. Good choices include whole-wheat bread, sugar-free granola bars, or a greek yogurt parfait.

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Limit Drinking Alcohol And Soda

Man saying no to whiskey

Kadalasan kasama na sa pasko at new year ang alak, softdrinks, at juice. Dahil dito, mas nadadagdagan pa ang konsumo ng calories maliban sa pagkain ng mga nakahandang pagkain. Ang beer at iba pang klase ng alak ay maaari namang makadagdag sa gana o appetite. Kung gusto mo maiwasan ang overeating, humindi sa mga matatamis na drinks at piliin ang pag-inom ng tubig. 

Use A Smaller Plate

Using a big plate can tempt you into taking more servings than you can handle. If you can’t finish your food, you may feel bad about wasting it. This leads to overeating even when you are full. To avoid this, look for a smaller plate, so you can control your portions. 

Eat Slowly

Girl eating a salad

Isa pang useful tip ay ang pag practice ng mindful eating. Sa halip na magmadali sa pag kain, bagalan ang pag-nguya. Iwasan din ang pakikipagkwentuhan, pag gamit ng cellphone, at panunuod ng TV habang kumakain dahil kadalasan ay hindi mo na mapapansin na napaparami ka na.

Plan An Activity

Instead of lounging on the sofa and drinking with family and friends, suggest a physical activity that everyone can enjoy. Some recommendations are playing limbo rock, hopscotch, hula hoops, or twister. If you prefer, you can also take a walk outside while chatting and appreciating the view. Outdoor activities you can do include volleyball, basketball, or biking around the community.

Sleep More

Woman sleeping

Puyat ka ba dahil sa mga late-night parties at kwentuhan kasama ang family and friends? Kadalasan ang mga event na ito ay may kasama ding kainan at inuman na pwedeng humantong sa overeating. Kung wala kang sapat na oras ng tulog, mas makakaramdam ka din ng gutom at maaring maparami ang iyong kain. Sa pasko at New year, sikapin na makatulog pa din sa regular na oras.

Control Stress Levels

Ang holiday planning at preparation ay pwede makadagdag sa iyong stress at anxiety. Dahil dito, malaki ang posibilidad na iyong irelease ito sa pamamagitan ng stress-eating. Kahit na hindi gutom, mapapakain ka ng marami, at kadalasan ay puro matatamis at nakakataba ang mga ito. 

Key Takeaway

Immediate effects of overeating include indigestion and heartburn. If you suffer from these, you can go to the nearest TGP pharmacy for over-the-counter medications that can provide instant relief. But to prevent long-lasting effects such as weight gain and obesity which can lead to other diseases, it is a good idea to follow the tips above to avoid overeating.