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6 Tips to Keep Your Baby Healthy

What are some tips to keep your baby healthy?

  1. Wash their hands religiously
  2. Don’t forget about their vitamins
  3. Vaccinations
  4. Dress them comfortably
  5. Ensure that they are hydrated
  6. Manage your home

During these times when viruses and health emergencies are on the rise, there’s only one thing that all parents worry about: the health of their babies. This is especially true for parents with newborns, as they are at higher risk due to their immature immune systems. Unfortunately, as much as you want to, you cannot full-proof your baby from every sickness. However, there are things you can do to keep them healthy. Being armed with tips to keep your baby healthy can get them through not only these unfortunate circumstances but in any season as well. Help prevent illness and create a happy and healthy baby by following the steps below:

Wash Their Hands Religiously

Wash Their Hands Religiously

Your baby’s toys can carry even the smallest of bacteria, and oftentimes, babies tend to always put their hands inside their mouths. This is why handwashing should always be practiced with your babies, too! Since they can’t do it on their own just yet, make it a habit to wash their hands often within the day. Especially after meals and playtime.

Grab two small towels. Apply soap and water on one cloth and use this to wipe your baby’s hands. Dampen the second cloth with just water and use it to wipe away the soap residue. If soap and water are not accessible, baby wipes are a good alternative.

On a similar note, be extra careful about the safety of your baby and ensure that anyone who holds your little one has washed their hands first. Remember, it’s okay to be nitpicky when it comes to your baby’s health.

Don’t Forget About Their Vitamins

Kadalasan, nakakakuha ang mga sanggol ng sapat na nutrisyon mula sa gatas ng kanilang ina. Ngunit upang mabigyan sila ng mas matibay na proteksyon, maaari kang magbigay sa kanila ng mga vitamins na sadyang na-formulate para sa mga sanggol.

Maliban dito, inirerekomenda talaga na ang lahat ng mga sanggol na may edad na 6 na buwan hanggang 5 taon ay binibigyan ng mga supplements na naglalaman ng mga vitamins A, C, o D araw-araw. Ang mga vitamins para sa bata katulad ng Ascorbic + Zinc Syrup mula sa The Generic’s Pharmacy ay formulated upang mabigyan ang iyong anak ng lahat ng kanyang mga pangangailangan sa nutrition.


Apart from healthy everyday habits, taking a visit to the doctor for your baby’s vaccine is highly recommended to lessen their risk of acquiring diseases and illnesses. Ensure that your baby completes their childhood immunization schedules. These may include vaccines such as BCG, Hepatitis B, IPV, Influenza, Measles, and more. Talk to your baby’s doctor and see what kind of vaccine they can specifically recommend to your child.

Dress Them Comfortably

Dress Them Comfortably

Dressing your baby goes beyond fashion sense. The way you dress them can take a toll on their health as well. You wouldn’t want them to feel too hot or too cold. Layering is the best way to go about this. Layering your baby’s clothing gives you an easy opportunity to adjust to the weather. Start with their typical onesie and add along as needed.

Ensure That They Are Hydrated

Alam mo ba na ang mga sanggol ay mas prone sa dehydration kaysa sa adults? Ito ay dahil ang katawan ng mga bata ay gumagamit ng mas maraming fluid kaysa sa adults. Mayroon silang mas mataas na metabolic rate and water content. Maliban dito, ang mga sanggol ay hindi pa kaya na makipagusap nang maayos pag sila ay nauuhaw, kaya ang dehydration ay maaaring mangyari nang hindi mo nalalaman. Para makatulong sayo, ito ang mga maaaring gawin para mapanatiling hydrated ang iyong sanggol:

  • Bigyan ang iyong anak ng mas maraming tubig sa mga mas mainit na araw
  • Palaging isama ang tubig kapag sila ay kumakain
  • Pakanin ng mga prutas at gulay ang iyong anak

Manage Your Home

All these healthy habits won’t matter if your home is not in the best condition. Everything that surrounds your baby is vital to their health. So remember to keep your home, especially their room clean and disinfected. Along the way, keep your family members informed as well. Make sure that they are also doing healthy habits and practicing cleanliness in and out of home. You don’t want germs to make their way under your roof.

Key Takeaway

If you’ve ever had a sick newborn, you would know how overwhelming it is. And during these times, it’s hard enough keeping yourself from getting sick, let alone your little one. But, don’t fret. Following these tips for a healthy baby can go such a long way in keeping them safe no matter what season.

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