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Travelling To The Philippines This Rainy Season? 4 Tips To Keep Yourself Healthy

Is it the famous white sands of Boracay? Perhaps it’s the mystic wonders of the Underground River in Palawan? Or maybe the magnificent Rice Terraces in Banaue? The Baroque Churches? … Whatever pulled you to the Philippines, I’m glad you’re finally making the trip. But let me just give you a heads-up because it’s rainy season. And if you want to climb mountains, dive off of cliffs, or swim with whale sharks — then you better be fit as a fiddle.

As the flu season descends upon the Philippines, we’re giving you 4 tips as precautions so that you don’t have to binge on medicine for cough and cold just to make it to the next island adventure. There’s so much to see in the Philippines, I’d hate for your trip to be sabotaged by a flu, or another affliction.

So, when you’re in the Philippines:

1. Make alcohol your bestfriend — rubbing alcohol, I mean!

One of the reasons why a lot of people catch a cold during the wet/rainy season is because a lot of diseases get air-borne traction. Also, because people tend to stay inside and stay together a lot (because of the cold), it’s faster for viruses or bacteria to spread through human contact. An effective precaution against this is to have rubbing alcohol by your side — always!

Always sanitize your hands, and try as much as possible to avoid touching your face. Most flu viruses infect our body through the eyes, nose and mouth.

2. Get a flu shot + hepatitis A & B vaccine before your trip

Filipino Street Foods

Obviously, one of the best ways to avoid catching a flu is by getting a flu shot. Please do so about a month before your trip. Flu vaccines develop antibodies in our body two weeks after getting the shot.

It is also important to get vaccinated against Hepatitis A & B. You’ll stumble upon a lot of scrumptious street foods in the Philippines like: fishballs, kikiam, qwek-qwek, isaw, betamax and much much more. I’d recommend that you try some because it’s part of the experience, but I’ll be honest, it is risky — but hey, that’s what the vaccines are for. If, however, you decide to not get vaccinated, I recommend that you avoid eating street foods during your stay.

3. Always have mosquito repellent handy

Dengue is quite a threat to the Filipinos during the rainy season — mostly in areas with poor sanitation. When out on your adventures, don’t forget to rub on some mosquito repellent on exposed areas. If you’re sleeping on a hotel maybe you can get away without rubbing some before bed time, but if you’re staying in a motel or small inn, do rub some on. This is important because if you get infected, Dengue will ruin your trip 100%.

4. Always drink bottled water

In any country that you’re unfamiliar with, don’t assume that tap water is potable. Always drink bottled water. Not so scare you, but there are a couple of water-borne diseases in the Philippines such as cholera, typhoid and other diarrheal diseases.

There you have it. 4 tips to you should keep in mind before and during your stay in the Philippines. Got anything to share? Do sound off on the comment section below. Anyway, hope you enjoy your trip to the Philippines, ‘Pearl of the Orient Seas’.

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