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Up, Down: 5 Reasons for Your Blood Sugar Swings

It is possible for a person maintain a healthy lifestyle by eating the right foods, yet have an occasional spike of the blood sugar. If this happens to you, you must be wondering why. We have jotted down five possible reasons for your blood sugar swing. Drink your medicine for diabetes if you would like to avoid any of these problems or complications.

Sugar-Free Foods

sugar free food

As a diabetic, your mind’s tendency is to seek for labels claiming to be “sugar free” in the grocery store in the belief that these are actually better for your body. Correction: they are not. These sorts of foods are actually doing more damage to your body than the regular versions. Research shows that these so-called sugar free foods are actually laden with starch, fats and sometimes fiber. Take note of sugar alcohols xylitol and sorbitol as these can contain a sufficient amount of carbs to spike your blood sugar readings. Consuming food high in carbs can, sooner or later, lead to internal problems.



Oh sweet caffeine! Most adults cannot survive a day without their cuppa caffeine whether it be in the form of tea, coffee or energy drink. The unfortunate thing is caffeine affects your body’s reaction to carbohydrates big time. Drinking caffeine-saturated drinks can allow your body to burn up the sugar faster which of course, results in a high glucose reading. In one study, it was found out that drinking three to five cups of coffee increases the blood sugar by 7.5 percent. If you are to drink coffee or tea, do it without sugar and avoid energy drinks as these are laden with way too much sugar.



Among the most common things that one must avoid when it comes to any illness is dehydration. Severe dehydration can cause hallucination, fever, palpitations and organ failure. A person can survive for a month without food but water? Only a week at most. For diabetics, the situation is even more dire as the lack of fluid can easily spike up your blood sugar levels. Not having enough liquids in your system can make your sugar more condensed. Dehydration also occurs when you have heightened blood sugar levels. To prevent this, diabetics simply have to hydrate by drinking at least eight glasses of water a day. For those who are bigger or are more physically active, drink more water to comply with your body’s needs.



We bet you are not surprised to see stress as one of the causes of your blood sugar swing. After all, stress is a mega contributor to any of your body’s problems. This stress can come from either work, school, home or even your daily commute. With so many stress triggers around you these days, it is no wonder your blood sugar spikes up so easily.  Every time you are stressed, your body reacts by discharging hormones that trigger the release of nutrients like sugar to your body to prepare it for the push of energy it needs. This equates to a rise in blood sugar levels for diabetics. To avoid this problem, practice destressing techniques such as meditating or yoga. If it helps, pour out all your stress into a hobby. Do not stress eat as this can only lead to your blood sugar levels spiking up even more.



Achoo! You have a cold! Or maybe the flu? You do not know what you have yet but one thing is for sure: you are definitely under the weather. You may be vomiting or you have diarrhea, thus causing dehydration (see above for information relating to diabetes and dehydration). You proceed to drink medicine for your sickness such as antibiotics, cold medicine and non-steroidal antibiotics drugs. The unfortunate thing is for diabetics drinking these medicines can mean an increase in your glucose reading. Cold meds that have pseudoephedrine or phenylephrine can affect your blood sugar levels. Do some research on the medicine you are about to take if it does have an effect on your diabetes.

Avoid overeating and always drink your medicine on time. Diabetes is a lifelonvg condition— live the right lifestyle and you will be able to avoid any problems in the future.

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