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Valentine Special: Can You Get Cough and Cold From Kissing?

It’s the Valentine Month yet again. Plenty of people have been preparing for this special occasion for the past few days, maybe even weeks! After all, this is the perfect occasion to show the people that you love – romantically speaking or not – how much you care for them. You probably have something prepared, like a quiet dinner for two perhaps or maybe a quiet evening at home to reminisce your love story.

Although there are plenty of reasons to celebrate this lovely occasion, don’t get carried away. The cool air might be romantic but it can breeze certain diseases as well. As a matter of fact, there are plenty of illnesses that can be acquired during this love month. Affectionate activities like smooching can cause colds. You might only be going on a date this weekend, but make sure to prepare your medicine for cough and cold and read the numerous diseases that you can get from kissing.

Medicine and thermometer

Influenza or Flu

It’s easy to get sick with influenza or flu when the weather is cold. Aside from that, do you know that you can also acquire this disease through kissing? It’s true! This viral infection that attacks the respiratory system can be passed through coughing, sneezing, talking, or snogging.

You have to be careful because you can infect your loved ones with flu and you wouldn’t know you have it because symptoms don’t usually appear immediately. Even if you get better after a week, you’re still potent to spread the flu. Symptoms of this disease include fatigue, fever, body aches, cough, and sore throat

Gum Disease

The mouth is usually full of bacteria, which can build and form plaques. Good thing you can always get rid of them through regular brushing and flossing. In some cases wherein the mouth is left unclean, bacteria builds up, which then leads to gum disease. This occurs when plaque was left to build up under the gum line.

Technically, you cannot infect someone with gum disease through kissing. Despite this, the bad bacteria that can cause this disease can still be transferred by locking lips with another person. This means that if you have gum disease, you have to take care of it before kissing your loved one this Valentine’s day.



Mononucleosis is also dubbed as the kissing disease. Do you know why?It is because you can spread this disease through your saliva. The culprit behind this illness is the Epstein-Barr virus (EBV) and it usually infects teenagers. This doesn’t mean that only the young can be infected with mono; the truth is you can get sick with this disease no matter how old you are.

Symptoms of this illness include sore throat, fever, fatigue, and swollen lymph glands. There are no known cures yet but resting and staying hydrated will surely make you feel better. Take over-the-counter pain medicines as well to help you deal with the illness’ symptoms. Usually, the kissing disease is not serious and lasts from one to two months only.

Plenty of diseases can be spread through kissing. This love month, be prepared; maintain a clean mouth and stock up on medicine for cough and cold. Most importantly, make sure that you are not sick with a disease that can be spread through kissing before the romantic event.

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