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Everything You Need To Know About Rabies

What should you know about rabies?

  1. Rabies is spread by animal bites
  2. It affects the nerves and the brain
  3. Sintomas ng rabies
  4. What to do if you get bitten
  5. Rabies is a viral infection

Rabies is a deadly virus that comes from the bites of infected animals such as stray dogs. We commemorate World Rabies Day 2019 on September 28 to spread awareness on rabies prevention. 

Before you give your child medicine for headaches and fevers, look at the other symptoms on this list to see if it could actually be rabies. It is important to seek immediate medical treatment once you get bitten to prevent the situation from getting worse.

Kung nakatira ka at ang iyong pamilya sa isang lugar na may maraming askal at iba’t ibang hayop na gumagala, ito ang mga kailangan ninyong malaman tungkol sa rabies.  

Rabies is spread by animal bites

Rabies is spread by animal bites

Ang rabies ay nakukuha ng mga tao galing sa kagat ng apektadong hayop. Ang mga hayop na pwede mong makasalubong na pwedeng may rabies ay mga aso, pusa, baka, kambing, at kabayo. Kung mayroon kang kakilala na nakagat ng isa sa mga hayop na ito, marapat lamang na kumonsulta agad sa doktor.

May mga masasamang epekto na pwede mangyari sa iyong katawan kung hindi ito nabibigyan ng karampatang lunas.

It affects the nerves and the brain

It affects the nerves and the brain

If left untreated, rabies can lead to death. But before that, it affects your brain and nervous system, causing problems in the way you talk and the way you move. A person bitten can become more and more confused every single day. They could also have bizarre thoughts or hallucinations together with seizures and muscle spasm manifestation of worm symptoms that quickly calls form medical intervention.

Listed are some of the possible symptoms of rabies that you may experience. 

Sintomas ng rabies

Sintomas ng rabies

Pwede makita ang sintomas ng rabies pagkatapos ng isang araw hanggang sa isang taon pagkatapos ng pagka-kagat. Ang mga sintomas ng rabies ay:

  • Lagnat
  • Sakit ng ulo
  • Nausea
  • Pagsusuka
  • Aggressiveness or agitation
  • Pagkabalisa sa liwanag at ingay
  • Hirap sa paglunok
  • Labis na paglalaway
  • Fear of water
  • Bahagyang pagka-paralisa ng katawan

Kung meron kang kakilala na nagpapakita ng mga sintomas na ito, dalhin sila kaagad sa ospital. Ito pa ang iba’t ibang kinakailangan na gawin kung nakagat ka ng hayop.

What to do if you get bitten

What to do if you get bitten

If you get bitten by an affected animal, wash the wound for a minimum of 15 mins with soap and water. Cover the bite with a clean bandage and head on over to the nearest hospital.

Treatment of rabies infection can only be obtained through vaccination. This is immediately after the exposure to counteract the harmful effects the virus may cause. Vaccination, in this case, may not only be done as a curative option but also a good way for infection prevention.

These are just some of the important things that you need to know about rabies. Share this information with your family and friends to keep them safe from any possible infected animals.

Key Takeaway

Better to be safe than sorry. Get every member of your family vaccinated now to keep them safe from any potential encounters with infected animals, especially if you live in a neighborhood with all types of animals running around. 

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