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You’re A Star! 6 Diabetics on the Boob Tube and Big Screen

We know that it can be really frustrating to have diabetes. There’s a long list of foods you can and cannot eat. But don’t worry! You’re not alone! Many celebrities and public figures have to deal with diabetes just like regular people. Aside from Nick Jonas, check out these 6 other famous diabetics who take their medicine for diabetes regularly.


Youre A Star 6 Diabetics on the Boob Tube and Big Screen

You know her from her big voice and you know she can belt through high notes. But a  year after giving birth to her first child, Sabriya, Filipino singer and TV host Jaya was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. This may be due to her diet during her pregnancy, where she ate and ate anything she wanted. Today, she maintains her blood sugar by taking insulin and maintaining a proper diet.

Anne Rice


She is best known as a horror-fantasy writer. What many do not know is that Anne Rice survived a near-death experience. On December 14th, 1998, Anne Rice woke up at an unusual 6 AM, something. She was in such a confused state that she removed her clothes and called up her assistant.. Her husband and assistant called 911 and soon after, she lost consciousness. She was brought to the hospital doctors diagnosed her with Type 1 Diabetes. She woke up and she was informed that on she had fallen into a deadly diabetic coma. Before her diagnosis, she knew something was wrong. She had a bad stomach,  had massive weight loss and couldn’t focus on her writing. In 2003, she had gastric bypass surgery to lose the weight she gained after her diagnosis on the recommendation of her just deceased husband, Stan. These days, she manages her diabetes by checking her insulin four times a day and takes insulin shots.

Gary Valenciano


Perhaps the most famous diabetic Filipino personality is Mr. Pure Energy himself, Gary Valenciano. At age 14, the musician and actor was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes (also known as Juvenile diabetes). He is insulin dependent and over the course of his lifetime, has received over 90,000 insulin injections. But in 2005, he suffered his worst hypoglycemia attack. It was then that he decided to switch from insulin injections to an insulin pump. From up to 90 injections a month, he is now down to just 10.

Tom Hanks


His momma always said that life is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you’re gonna get. He also talks to a painted volleyball while stranded on an island. He was a cowboy toy who befriended a space ranger. These are just three of the roles Tom Hanks has portrayed, but now added another role to his roster: Diabetic. On October 7, 2013, he revealed in an interview on the “Late Show With David Letterman” that he is no longer just a pre-diabetic but a fullfledged type 2 diabetic.

Mike Enriquez


He coughs and says “Excuse me po!” What would the 6 PM news be without Mike Enriquez? He does it all— radio anchor for “Saksi Sa Dobol B”, broadcaster for “24 Oras” and president of RGMA Network Inc. But did you know that the broadcaster is a diabetic? Before the diagnosis more than 15 years ago, Mike was experiencing the usual diabetes symptoms like sleepiness and constant hunger. He discovered what the problem was when during a routine overnight medical check up, he was informed by his doctor that he has type 2 diabetes. To keep it from worsening, he changed his lifestyle. He started working out, quit chain smoking, drinks his maintenance medicine and monitors his diet.

Larry King


He has interviewed many of the most high profile and controversial personalities around the world. He once interrupted an interview to give way to the breaking news of the OJ Simpson car chase. He is Larry King and in the mid 90s, he was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. The prolific newsman controls his diabetes by taking his medication, exercising regularly maintaining a balanced diet and visiting his doctor every 6 months.

You are not alone in your fight. With discipline and control, you can be healthy and strong, the way these celebrities did in their own fight against diabetes.

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