Franchise Philippines
The Basics of a Generic Drugstore Franchise in the Philippines

January 31, 2018

What are the basics of a generic drugstore franchise in the Philippines? It attracts an enormous market. It’s a formula for success. It comes in packages. It’s important to consider the location.   You probably already know that in the Philippines, a business franchise is the way to go if you have some cash to…

Franchise Philippines
Top 4 Medications Prescribed by Lists of Drugstores in the Philippines

January 29, 2018

What are the top 4 medications prescribed by numerous drugstores around the Philippines? Antibiotics Metformin Albuterol (inhalers) Antihistamines   When it comes to the basics of survival (which are essentially food, clothing, and shelter), there’s actually one more basic aspect that many can definitely benefit from: medicine. Medicine is a huge thing that’s greatly valued…

Franchise Philippines
Why Keeping a List of Drugstores in the Philippines is Helpful

January 3, 2018

How can keeping a list of drugstores in the Philippines be helpful? It can help you search for alternative solutions. It can help you assess other drugstores. It can help with you research other medications and other forms of treatment. It can give you knowledge of the basics of the medical world.   Whenever we…

4 Substitute Medications for Diabetes

December 28, 2017

What are examples of substitute medications for diabetes? Garlic Herbs Dietary supplements Magnesium   Diabetes is something that could plague every individual all around. It’s something that we should avoid at all costs; and if ever any of us has diabetes, it’s our responsibility to maintain our condition so as to not let it intensify.…

Franchise Philippines
The List of Drugstores in the Philippines and Their Take on Getting a Vaccine

December 27, 2017

What are the Philippine drugstore’s takes on getting a vaccine? It strengthens one’s immune system. It can cure certain illnesses with regular appointments. It can promote the health and general welfare of the people.   Vaccination has always been a hot topic in the medical world across the globe. Some people are in favor of…