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4 Ways to Support Mental Health Awareness

November 2, 2017

How can you personally support mental health awareness? Have the initiative to know how you can help. Understand your words’ impact. Help yourself as well. Share your own experiences.   Today, different organizations and franchises in the Philippines are devotedly paying attention to mental health awareness. Along with these organizations, volunteers have poured in their…

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5 Diet Tips for Lupus

October 26, 2017

What food should lupus patients consume and avoid? Consume food with anti-inflammatory properties. Limit intake of saturated and trans fat. Get calcium and vitamin D rich foods. Set aside salt. Avoid alfalfa sprouts and garlic.   Experts have made it clear that there’s no established cure for lupus, thus, no exact diet plan as well.…

“What Can I Eat?” The Best Diet Plan for Gestational Diabetes

October 24, 2017

What is the best diet plan for gestational diabetes? Keep protein in your diet. Limit or avoid processed foods. Monitor the portions of your food. Maintain the right mix of fats and carbohydrates.     “So, what can I eat?” For a pregnant woman who’s diagnosed with gestational diabetes, medicines aren’t the only concern that…

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What is Japanese Encephalitis?

October 18, 2017

What should you know about Japanese encephalitis? 1.  Japanese encephalitis is a mosquito-borne flavivirus that is similar to yellow fever, dengue, and West Nile viruses. 2.  Japanese encephalitis is considered incurable. Thus, getting vaccines as issued in government health programs is recommended. 3.  While initial stages of the disease may show mild fever, headache, and…

The Little-Known Things About Asthma

October 3, 2017

Here in the Philippines where listed drugstores are common, access to medicine is easy and quick. However, that’s not to say that everyone makes the most out of it; there are still individuals who do not know how to deal with even the most common ailments found here in our country. Now, as in the…