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Huge Market Potential

With this broad line of affordable and value-added generic medicines, TGP continues to be the leading retailer of quality cost-effective generic medicines. We offer entrepreneurs a unique, exciting high-profitable and stable investment alternative.

success rate

Franchise Success Rate

Franchising has seen phenomenal growth over the years. It is a dynamic business format with a 90% success rate in the Philippines. It does well when the economy is good, and does even better during difficult economic times.


Total Support Package

Our franchise comes in total support package derived from a strong operational and support system which allow our franchisees to run the business successfully while enjoying an investment with proven economic viability.


Franchising Fee₱ 150,000.00
Leasehold Improvments120,000.00
Store Signage25,000.00
P.O.S. (Hardware and Software)60,000.00
Operating Capital260,000.00
Total Capital₱ 615,000.00
Breakdown of Operating Capital:
5 mo. rent x ₱ 24,000.00120,000.00
2 mo. light, water, tel x ₱3,000.006,000.00
2 mo. 2 Pharmacists' salaries x ₱20,000.0080,000.00
2 mo. miscellaneous x ₱3,000.006,000.00
2 mo. 2 assistants' salaries x ₱12,000.0048,000.00
₱ 260,000.00
Monthly Expenses
Rent, light, water, telephone₱ 27,000.00
2 Pharmacists' salaries40,000.00
2 Assistants' salaries24,000.00
₱ 94,000.00
Initial Stocks or Inventory₱ 150,000.00
Break-even sales per month225,000.00
42% average gross margin94,500.00
Break-even sales per day (30 Days)₱ 7,500.00

Royalty Fee: 1% of the total monthly gross sales

Advertising Fee: 1% of the total monthly gross sales

Total Franchise Fee: P300,000

  • Initial Pay-out: P150,00
  • Balance of 75,000 PDC dated Year 3
  • Balance of 75,000 PDC dated Year 6


"I was working in a multinational company when my friend invited me to be a franchisee of TGP. The franchise was so affordable, so I decided to invest my life-savings and follow my dreams of having my own business. It was a huge risk for me! I opened my first branch in 2008, and in less than three months I got my ROI (return on investment)."

Jojo Macua
TGP franchisee since 2007 with 32 outlets in Manila and Mindanao

"We have clients who would self-medicate with antibiotics for symptoms like pain, cough, and headache without seeking doctor's recommendation. This is where TGP's patient counseling steps in. Our licensed pharmacists educate the customers in their treatment options and what meds they can take."

Cristina Rojas
TGP franchisee since 2008 with 6 outlets in Marikina

Yes! It is time to think of BEING YOUR OWN BOSS by owning this unique, stable and very profitable franchise business!