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15 Fun Ways You Can Lose Weight With Friends!

15 Fun Ways You Can Lose Weight With Friends!

If you’re thinking about shedding your weight, then there’s no better time to start it than during the summer. With the sun more active than ever during this time, you’ll get more daylight enjoying all the activities and workouts you can possibly think of. Speaking of, here are 15 exciting ways you can shed your extra pounds with your friends.

1. Watch comedy movies/TV shows


Laughter is the best medicine, better than medicine for cough and cold, they say. But modern science has proven that it is also one of the best ways to lose weight. A good hour of hearty laughing burns 100 calories. And you didn’t even need a pair of dumbbells/barbells to do that.

2. Go to food tasting events

food tasting

This teaches you to eat smaller portions of food, stabilizing your metabolism, allowing you to burn the remaining calories in your system. Plus, it’s fun!

3. Go food fasting

TGP - Food Fasting

Withhold yourselves from food with high caloric content for a certain period of time. This allows your stomach to shrink back to its normal size. In order to speed up the process, binge on comedy movies, TV shows instead. Fasting ain’t fun alone, but with friends, it’ll be a blast.

4. Always eat breakfast


You can skip the other meals of the day, but not the first one, since this jumpstarts your metabolism throughout the whole day.

5. Prepare one another’s meals

cook for friends

Like dutiful health soldiers, preparing one another’s meals allows you to check on each other, sifting out what’s unhealthy and keeping what’s right.

6. Switch up your cravings


If you’re craving for something sweet, don’t go for that sundae from McDonald’s. And don’t think about getting that large serving of popcorn if you’re hankering for something salty. Instead of ice cream, ingest apple slices or mango. In the place of popcorn, opt for lightly salted peanuts or walnuts.

7. Eat the fruit, not its juice


Chewing the fruit instead of drinking its juice triggers satiety and means ingesting 15% less calories.

8. Create a water plan


Drink a glass of water as a “reward” for something you did like waking up in the morning, finishing a goal at work, etc.

9. Satiate your hunger with water


Oftentimes when we feel our stomach’s empty, we just need water. So before eating a meal, drink a glass of water. Water also aids in your digestion.

10. Do a pedometer challenge


When walking with friends, see who records the most number of steps by the end of the day. This’ll serve as good motivation for everyone involved.

11. Buy a standing desk


Take note: a standing position makes you lose more weight than sitting.

12. Regularly weigh yourself


Doing this will keep your mind creative as to what weight-losing activities you should do.

13. Get involved in basketball/volleyball


These sports require you to do explosive activities like jump for the ball or sprint to get into position. These small, but regular boosts of energy help you lose weight.

14. Go on green tea dates

green tea

Aside from losing body fat, drinking green tea is a healthy way of getting your daily dose of caffeine.

15. Do your chores


While it may not be weight training or jogging, you’ll still burn calories, guaranteed. A good 30 minutes should do the trick.

Do you know other fun ways you can lose weight with your friends? Post them in our comments section below!

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