Stuck in the Rain: 4 Tips to Keep from Getting Sick in Sudden Rain


There are days when you go out, see the sun shining and decide not to bring that darn, heavy umbrella. It weighs practically a ton and takes up so much of your bag space. Your poor back and shoulders! Off you go to see the world or maybe just go to work or school. While there, you notice the sky getting gray. You step out to go home, walk a bit when suddenly, you are caught in the downpour. Upon getting home, you take your medicine for cough and cold to avoid getting sick. Here are some additional tips to prevent you from getting sick from the onslaught of rain.


Shower After The Shower

You enter your home drenched from head to toe in rainwater. Not that it’s entirely your fault. Sometimes the rain and wind is just so strong that even your umbrella cannot protect you. We strongly suggest taking a shower as soon as you drop your bags in your room. By shower, we do not mean running out into the rain and getting wet again. We mean going under the nozzle for a continuous spray of warm or cool water. How is it any different from taking a shower under the downpour? You see, the rain outside is fairly cold which can lead to you getting, no pun intended, a cold. By taking a shower, you are slowly stabilizing your body temperature. If you aren’t in the mood for a shower yet, soak your feet in warm water to remove any germs and dirt at the same time, slowly take the temperature back to normal. If you are feeling fine, hop into the stall and turn that shower on.

Drink Something Hot

As mentioned earlier, the rain can be very cold, to the point that you may feel chilled to the bone. One of the best solutions to avoid getting sick after a strong downpour is something you may have heard already and may have already experienced: drinking something hot. Mums are concerned for your health and will offer you soup as soon as you have wiped your feet. Do not refuse this offer. It is proven that taking something hot can help provide warmth to help withstand the chill. In addition to this, a hot drink can clear up the phlegm accumulated in the nasal cavities and the throat, making it easier for you to breathe. Plus, it makes you feel warm and cozy inside.




Do Not Wade In The Flood

With the torrid rains comes flash floods or just your basic ankle deep flood. Try to avoid this as these waters may carry a number of illnesses like leptospirosis. If you cannot, do wear protective gear like boots to protect your body from getting wet from the flood.

Clean Your Surroundings

One of the most common illnesses in the Philippines during the rainy season is dengue fever. It is so widespread to the point that some hospitals even have dengue wards. The reason why there is a great number of cases is due to the rain, water can accumulate in different areas around your house such as canals, basins or pots where the dengue mosquito larvae will thrive. To avoid this, throw away any stagnant water around your home. When these containers are not in use, turn them over or if you really do not need them, throw it away.


It is really awful when it rains as the many of us are prone to sickness. Follow these tips and you just might be able to avoid the bug.