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5 Tips To Choose The Right Generic Drug

Allopurinol, Benzylpenicillin, and Ramipril are just some names of generic drugs out in the market. They’re considered much cheaper than their brand-specific counterparts and have the same ingredients. But how do you know how to choose the right one for a particular condition, such as medicine for cough like Ambroxol or Bromhexamine? Today, we’ll list 5 tips on how to do just that.

Tip #1: Know what you need

What particular ailment are you suffering from: Cough and colds? Muscle pain? Diabetes? Fever? Asthma? High or low blood? Knowing what sickness you have makes you more efficient in buying medicine, saving time from lingering in aisles or counters guessing which medicine to purchase.

Tip #2: Read the labels

Unlike prescriptions, you do not have the luxury to buy medicine straightaway since doctors haven’t given you advice based on their diagnosis. Make sure to read the labels, particularly the inactive ingredients. Why? You have to rule out the possibility that you’re allergic to them, as a reaction would be counterproductive to you and the medicine as a whole.

Tip #3: Choose only one

Do I buy mefanamic acid and paracetamol for my fever? You ask yourself. It could be a good idea since both could knock it out. This is wrong thinking. Mixing two generic drugs are not a good idea, as this could only exacerbate your condition or put you at risk with an accidental overdose. The safest route is to choose only one. If it does not prove effective, then buy the second option. Or, buy both and take the first one for a few days, observe, and if it works, continue. If not, then use the second generic drug.

Tip #4: When in doubt, ask a professional

If you’re not sure about a specific drug you’re going to buy, then ask the pharmacist in the store or better yet, consult your doctor. You can get a much more accurate prescription from them since they know how most generic drugs work and what their side effects are.

Tip #5: Make sure that the generic drug you’re about to buy is medically approved

In order to guarantee safety and effectiveness of the medicine, make sure it is cleared by a body such as the U.S.’s Food & Drug Association or the Philippine National Drug Formulary. Do not buy any kind of generic drug if it does not bear the seal of any of the related organizations.

With these 5 tips, we hope that you are able to choose the best generic drug for your particular ailment. For a comprehensive list on generic drugs catered to particular sicknesses, visit The Generics Pharmacy.

Do you think these tips are helpful? Do you have any more ideas to add? Do you disagree with any of them? Feel free to share your remarks and opinions in the comments section below.

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