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5 Ways to De-Stress This New Year

We’re on week number 3 of 2017, and life for most of us has pretty much resumed to normal after the celebrations. Have you restocked your medicine for cough and cold yet? That’s one thing to stay on top of so you don’t have to stress out about going to the drugstore just when you need it.

Speaking of stressing out, daily life is comprised of so many things to stress over. There’s just no way around it, so it’s good to regularly de-stress ourselves before it all piles up. Here are ways you can minimize your stress levels this 2017.

Identify Stress Triggers

The first step you need to take is figuring out exactly what stresses you out. Learning about your stress triggers will enable you to minimize and manage them. Notice we said nothing about eliminating the stress.

Learning to manage stress rather than eliminating them altogether is better in the long run because in most cases, it’s near impossible to avoid stress completely. If you can, go ahead. If not, at least you know how to keep it from eating you inside-out. This article will help you identify your stress triggers.


Even if you’re not one of the millions (billions?) of people resolving to become fit this 2017, you still need exercise. Moving your body can not only fight off stressful reactions, but also prevent other possible health problems in the future.

It does not matter what your fitness level is, you still have to move your body daily in order to also achieve a healthy mind. Help yourself by finding an exercise you will enjoy so it does not have to feel like a work out for you.


One of the best things you can do to counteract stress is to meditate. It’s a way to clear your mind and let go of negativity. The process of meditation releases and reverses stress, together with the flight-or-fight response you get from it. Yoga is a great activity that combines meditation and exercise at the same time.

Good Diet

Recall what you’ve been eating the last few days. Unless you’re already health-conscious, it’s most likely that you’ve been consuming more unhealthy (albeit yummy) food than you should. Nourishing yourself with proper food groups will help you tackle different things.

You do not have to follow all the fad diets to have a ‘good diet’. You must treat your body as a unique entity. Ayurveda teaches you all about the dietary plan you should be incorporating according to your own mind-body type.


Most people today do not realize the value of unplugging from the different devices they carry constantly. We hold on to our gadgets like our sanity and lives depended on it, but do not realize that we are literally addicted to our gadgets. In fact, many studies have been found that social media and the internet can cause mental health risks.

Take time each day to pry yourself from your cellphone, tablet, laptop, or tv, anything with a screen, and focus on other things. You don’t have to purge days at a time – you can start by leaving your phone when doing things like going on an office break or going out to buy groceries.

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