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7 Vegetables Diabetics Must Avoid at All Cost

As children, we were all taught to eat vegetables because they are good for the body. Vegetables can help make you grow taller and help your immune system grow stronger. However as adults, you learn to that not all vegetables are good for you, especially if you are a diabetic. Some vegetable may be high in fiber and great for digestion, but when it comes to the glycemic index, it’s too high. As you know, Glycemic index is the scale used to determine if a certain food is good for diabetes or not. Basically, the lower the glycemic index, the better for diabetics. Before going to the market, check out this list of veggies to avoid particularly if you want your doctor to lessen your medicine for diabetes.



Potatoes are the number one culprit in this list. It has one of the highest glycemic index on the scale. The number gets higher when it is processed. And by processed, we mean baking, steaming or just plain ol’ frying it. Remember that the keyword here is starch. Potatoes have starch. So even though you’re craving for some delicious, salty French fries or a nice bowl of mashed potatoes with gravy, stop and remember the effects.



Known for its distinctive pink color, beetroots are usually mixed into macaroni salads. Despite the many benefits it offers, one must be careful as its glycemic index is 64. Avoid mixing this rootcrop into your macaroni salad when you create this salad again.

Sweet Corn


By the name itself, you know that this is one sugary veggie. Sweet corn is a favorite among Filipinos as it is usually eaten as a dessert or an afternoon snack. The one problem about it is that it has a glycemic index of 55. Add to that the fact that we love eating it as the delicious, sugar loaded dessert Mais Con Yelo.



For something so small and green, you will think that the innocent, little pea has a low glycemic index. Nope! Actually, peas have a glycemic index of 51. The next time someone asks you if want some peas, pass.



Filipinos know turnips better as Sinkamas. Sometimes it is mixed in with the popular sour soup of Sinigang or sometimes it is eaten raw. The glycemic index of this vegetable is 62, which is pretty high. So the next time you cook sinigang, do exclude this from your ingredients.



Squash or Kalabasa as it is known in the Philippines, is a major ingredient in many Filipino dishes such as Pinakbet. But did you know that it has a relatively high glycemic index? Its glycemic index is at an alarming 75 and that’s when it is still raw. When cooked, that number rises.

Canned Vegetables


Why include canned vegetables to this list of vegetables diabetics must avoid? Because in the present day and age, there are many vegetables that can be bought in cans. We buy them out of convenience as it is easier to purchase a can of cooked, whole, peeled tomatoes than actually cooking and peeling them. These vegetables are processed so what you have are vegetables with plenty of additives and sugars a can. No matter how low their glycemic index is on the chart (for example, asparagus) that will shoot up because of these preservatives. Lesson learned is to chop those veggies and don’t buy them even if it takes more time.

If you have no choice to eat any of these veggies, eat in moderation and balance out your diet by eating foods that can lessen the impact of the sugar. Remember to always check the glycemic index of whatever food you are buying. When it comes to health, it is better to be safe than sorry.

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