Don’t Drink That! 4 Beverages Diabetics Should Avoid Having


Ordering a drink or two can’t be helped whenever you’re out with your friends. However, if you’re diabetic, you should be aware that along with regularly taking medicines for diabetes as well as insulin shots, you must lead a healthy diet and lifestyle in order to maintain your wellness. On that note, there are some drinks you should avoid to prevent your blood sugar from spiking up or going too low, like the four beverages mentioned below.



various type of alcoholic drinks isolated on white

In any case, excessive alcohol consumption is dangerous for the health. But it’s even more hazardous for diabetics since there are certain medications which can cause severe blood sugar swings when mixed with alcohol. It can also stimulate your appetite, which, in turn, will lead you to overeat. And you should remember that too much alcohol can affect your thinking, leading you to make bad choices that would lead to negative, if not devastating, consequences.


Energy Drinks

energy drinks

Energy drinks give you that midnight fuel you need to pull out an all-nighter and study for those menacing final exams. Heck, it even kept you awake when coffee failed! However, one sip of this beverage is loaded with more sugar than a diabetic can handle (most energy drinks have 29 grams of sugar in one serving). In short, consuming it would eventually lead to a blood sugar spike that would send you reeling with pain.


Fruit Juice

fruit juices

Everyone’s general impression of fruit juices is that it’s one of the healthiest drinks they can ever have. But for diabetics, it’s best to be careful with these beverages as it happens to be laden with sugar. You should know that most juice products in the market have been processed and numerous chemicals and additives may have been mixed in them. And if you’re thinking of making your own fruit juices, be aware that the fruits you’re mixing naturally have high amounts of sugar. So you should either try to lessen your juice consumption or go for those fruits that are known to have low glycemic index like tomatoes.


Soft Drinks

soft drinks

Even as children you might have been told by our elders often not to have too much soft drinks because of the chemicals it has. Well, they’re not totally wrong; sodas do contain some unhealthy ingredients, including excessive amounts of sugar. And for diabetics, these ingredients can be downright dangerous if not deadly! So if you’re prone to have high blood sugar levels, then stay away from these beverages. And no, don’t even go for those colas that claim to be sugar-free and diabetic-friendly; they’re just as unhealthy for you as its “normal” cousins, if not more. Besides, having too much soft drink can also lead to other health problems, like ulcers and kidney infection.


If you’re diabetic (or at least prone to be one) and you’re planning to stay healthy, then don’t even think about these drinks. Instead, keep yourself hydrated with better liquids like water, tea, and milk. And don’t forget your regular medication. For top-quality and affordable medicines for diabetes and other illnesses, go here.