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Why Do Common Colds Usually Get Worse At Night?

Why Do Common Colds Usually Get Worse At Night?

They say a good night’s rest will make one feel much better during the onset of a disease or sickness. But why is it we feel much, much worse at night when we go to bed? Are the doctors and experts simply fooling us with their advice to sleep? No, they’re not. Before you turn to medicine for cough and colds, there’s an entirely logical explanation for this phenomenon, and we’ll take a look at it in this article.

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According to Thea Jourdan, a correspondent for the online version of The Daily Mail, colds are more unbearable at night because the nasal and pharyngeal are less effective of getting rid of congestion in a horizontal position.

Dr. Mitchell Blass, a specialist at the Georgia Infectious Diseases, has a similar perspective. He says in an online article, “It is all due to the nature of gravity. Elevation counters congestion in the back of the throat. A horizontal state pools phlegm and mucous together.” He suggests sleeping with a pillow at night that makes you lie down at an angle, to help get rid of the congestion.

He also adds that dry air and lack of humidity are both causes for colds worsening in the evening. Dr. Blass advises to use a humidifier, and to follow all the instructions to the letter to avoid further complications, as an unclean humidifier could worsen the already burdensome condition.

How then do you deal with this? There are three simple steps, according to Dr. Blass.

1) Drink water and/or fluids – Water/fluids lessen the build up of phlegm and mucous, making them easier to expel. Be sure to do this before you go to bed.

2) Eat lozenges – If you find coughing in the middle of the night very bothersome for your sleep, take a lozenge. These treats lessen the cough reflex of the body, giving you an easier and more comfortable time to doze off. If you think about it, you’ll be doing yourself, your household, and even your neighbors a favor. They don’t have to be awakened at night by someone’s loud and repeated coughing.

3) Call your doctor – If your condition does not improve, consult an expert to see if you have contracted a disease or if the symptoms of your colds have been merely prolonged.

So the next time your cough and colds get worse at night, don’t fret. This is just a common bodily reaction to certain conditions. Just remember the facts and tips from this article on how to deal with it and you’ll be good to go in no time!

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