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The 8 Most Common Symptoms of Diabetes

The 8 Most Common Symptoms of Diabetes

Signs of Diabetes

According to Medical News Today, diabetes is a disorder of one’s metabolism. Because of the lack of insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancreas, glucose isn’t readily accepted into our system. This means that there is an excess of the carbohydrate floating in our bloodstream. It’s like eating a hot dog without ketchup. The condiment’s flavor makes the snack more edible.

How does one know if he or she has diabetes? It’s really hard when the signs aren’t that alarming, because they seem like normal health challenges. In this article, we’ll take note of 8 symptoms that show a person if they have the onset of diabetes. If detected early on, one can use medicine for diabetes to immediately control the condition.

1) Frequent Urination

If you regularly keep going to the CR to pee, take note at how often you do. Since your body isn’t producing enough insulin to accept the glucose in your bloodstream, your kidney uses the water in your blood instead to make it acceptable. This in turn fills your bladder and makes you urinate more.

2) Always thirsty

Since your body takes more water than it should to temper the glucose in the bloodstream, you’ll be drinking more fluids just to quench your thirst.

Always Hungry

3) Always hungry

Glucose is the most important sugar in the human body. It’s what gives our body energy. Insulin allows the glucose to be entered in the bloodstream to be delivered to the cells in the body for nourishment. In diabetes, there is little to no insulin produced. Ergo, the glucose remains in the bloodstream (hence the term ‘high blood sugar’). Without proper distribution of glucose in our system, a person suffering from diabetes eats more and more to power his/her body.

4) Unexplained Weight Loss

One may notice that he/she is losing weight despite ingesting a lot more food. That’s because the body isn’t getting the proper energy from glucose. Instead, it drains the fat and muscle tissue in our body and uses that as fuel instead.

5) Always tired

Because our body uses fat and muscle tissue instead of the glucose for energy, we won’t be at 100%. We’ll feel more tired.

6) Prolonged Healing to Cuts and Bruises

Having high blood sugar interferes with blood clots, preventing wounds from healing properly.

7) Blurry Vision

As mentioned in symptom #5, the body will use muscle tissue and fat instead of glucose for energy, including that of your eyes. As it eats away eye tissue, one’s vision is affected. Sometimes, this causes sight problems, or in severe cases, blindness.

8) Numb / Tingling Hands and Feet

With glucose present in the bloodstream, this negatively affects the nerves in the body, particularly the hands and feet. One may experience a tingling or numbing sensation in those body parts.

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